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#EAT@KotaKinabalu - Lokan Bakar, Puding Kelapa

 I had been introduced to this food stall few years ago while I visited KK city. And for this trip, I do not want to miss to taste this yummy "Lokan Bakar" and "Puding Kelapa" for the desert. Writing this post, I was drooling to the maximum.

I was rented a motorcycle while in KK City, so it is easy for me for this food hunting journey. Mobile phone apps WAZE is really helping me while navigating this city. From my hotel to the "Lokan Bakar" stall, the journey took almost 40 minutes, slow and steady as I was not in rush. 


Luckily I rented motorcycle for this trip, if not, I might be wasting time in a traffic jam. Most of the road in KK City is under cosmetic job and made the traffic jam more hectic.

The taste of "Lokan Bakar" is amazing. Plus the coconut puding inside the coconut it self, it just so tasty and you will not forgot the taste.

 You can choose how much you want for the "Lokan Bakar", i chose RM10 portion. For your info, along this road, there are a few of stall, you can choose the stall you want. Most of it, the taste is the same.

There is 1 drinks thats also popular, its called "Kelapa Bakar", where the coconut burned inside the fire until certain time. People said its good for the body. I did not have a chance to try it.

Where exactly the location? It just the same route you want to go Karambunai, but it is before Karambunai. Like I said, you can WAZE with the keyword "Kelapa Bakar" or "Lokan Bakar".

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