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Review: MASWings MH3381 Economy Class (Bintulu-Kuching) | No light meal anymore?

I start my holiday after 5 months on the ship. I fly back to Kuching from Bintulu using MH3381 by MASWingsCurrently for domestic flight within Sarawak, only MASWings operated if you booked through Malaysia Airlines. No Boeing or Airbus flight for domestic flight. If you want a big flight, try to use AirAsia.

Anyway, I had flew with MASWings many times. Most of the time I like it and I do not mind to use it. Sometimes, I really hate it as it is really hot when you just boarding the flight, I am not talking about normal hot, but sweaty hot until you want to take off your shirt.

Only 20kg per luggage provided. Sometimes it is not really sufficient for me as I brought many luggage, what do you expect when I spend 5 months on the ship. The flight is using ATR 72-500 with the configuration 2-2 for each row. Business class seat is at the back, the the seat just as same as economy class. Just wonder, who want to sit in that Business class. Why it's located at the back? As the exit door is at the back, and they can go out from the flight first. I remembered few years ago, the Business Class seat is at the front, and it's become issue, as the Business Class passengers will be last to exit the flight. So now, they changed to the back of the aircraft.

Luckily this flight just landed from Miri and transiting in Bintulu. So the temperature inside still cool enough, and not that super hot like previously. There will be two cabin crews working on each flight, one seated at the front and one at the back.

The seat was okay for my size, but usually, I tried to have aisle seat for more comfortable. This time, nobody seated next to me. Taking off and landed a little bit shaky but it is normal for the small aircraft.

What surprise me, there is no more light refreshments. Only peanuts and juices been served. My previous flight, MASWings always served sandwiches and Milo drinks. But not anymore. Sad news. 

So, for now I am not really excited using MASWings anymore. Plus, the flight price for this airlines always spike. Better chose other alternative which more convenience and comfortable.

But what is the most important is, I safely landed in Kuching and I starting my holiday.

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Review: MASWings MH3381 Economy Class (Bintulu-Kuching) | No light meal anymore? Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:00 AM Rating: 5

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