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Review: Where to EAT in Kuching? | Laksa Chef Ahid

As a Sarawak Laksa lover, I always looking for the best Sarawak Laksa in Kuching. Plus, I am looking for the unique laksa too.  My mom accompanied me for the dinner that night. So I decided to have a dinner at the Kubah Ria food court as I know that there will be a lot of choices to be choose from. Plus, it is to find a car parking around here. 

We decided to have a try Chef Ahid Laksa at the stall number 42. In front of the stall, there is an aquarium with the various size of prawn, and it is still alive. That's mean, they going to have very fresh prawn for their laksa.

There are three price range available. A Grade is from RM12 and above, B Grade is from 10 to RM14 and C Grade from RM8 till RM10.

I chose to have a Laksa with A Grade prawn, cost me RM20  and it come with big prawn. my mom chose the B Grade prawn, cost here RM14 and it come with 3 medium size of prawns.

Both of our bowl, beautifully made with the fresh prawn. I can't wait to taste those Laksa and prawn. Undeniable, the prawn taste fresh and sweet. For the laksa itself, to be quite frank, I am not really impressed as for me the broth is not to thick and I can't really felt the spices like the usual laksa I tasted. The broth was too thin and make the taste a little bit blend.

As for the laksa portion and ingredients, it was perfect enough to have a full stomach. If you are looking for a good laksa, there is somewhere out there served good laksa. But if you craving for the fresh prawn with your laksa, you can try here. Might be, that night, is not my lucky night, as here is having a quite reputation with their Laksa. 


How to get there? 
It is located at Kubah Ria foodcourt (not Benteng), and look for the stall No. 42

Review: Where to EAT in Kuching? | Laksa Chef Ahid Reviewed by mytravellicious on 5:26 AM Rating: 5

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  1. Our Laksa has already moved to Benteng Niaga Satok, the next building.


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