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My IRAN Journey Memories Captured with Casio Exilim FR-200

Above photo: One of the castle located at Pasargadea, ancient city of Persia, . Need to hike a little bit to go on a hill. The view from up here is magnificent. In Pasargadea, this where the tomb of Great Cyrus located. So, when you are in Shiraz, do not forget to visit Pasargadea.

All the photos here been captured using Casio Exilim FR-200. It is one of the best gadget I have. Very convenient which have 2 parts, one is a lens and one is screen view. You can dis attached both part to make the capturing the photo more easy. The quality coming out is great. I was one of the lucky to own this unit during the launching of the product in Malaysia. In Iran, most of people here looking at me weirdly when I captured the photo using this product as the look of Casio FR200 is so modern and sophisticated. They thought I was a 007 agent. Joking! Check the current PRICE of Casio Exlim FR-200 in LAZADA here.

TEHRAN: At the motorcycles parking area next to the Grand Bazaar. It is very unique sight as the motorcycles in Iran having a windshield. At the motorcycles parking area next to the Grand Bazaar. It is very unique sight as the motorcycles in Iran having a windshield. I did not had a chance to try out riding a motorcycle in IRAN. But if you do, be extra careful as the Persian tend to ignore the road rules.

VARZANEH: Yes, it is my first desert ever! I must say, the weather on that time was super hot and we spent around one hour on the desert itself. Varzaneh took around one hour and half journey from Esfahan. It is a small town. From Varzaneh town, you can hire a driver with a car to bring you wander around the Varzaneh.

TEHRAN: At one of the building in Golestan Palace. Every wall in the palace will mesmerized you with the marvelous design. Every corner of the wall is an art. You will awed will all the amazing details and wonder how they spend time to build and put this in piece together.

SHIRAZ: Eram Garden is one of the must visit place in Shiraz. Persia is famous with their garden. I spend most of my time at this garden as it is so beautiful, calm and the weather is nice. Persian love to picnic, so take this opportunity to blend it.

SHIRAZ: One of the building at Qavam House. Most of the wall in the building made from the glass. It is such an amazing architecture an art. Iran keep suprising me from time to time. Qavam House (also widely called "Narenjestan-e Qavam") is a traditional and historical house in Shiraz, Iran. 

MEYBOD, YAZD: At the top of Narein Castle where located at the center of Meybod, the old city of Yazd. The view from up here is so breathtaking.  Meybod is an ancient city that dates back to the pre-Islamic era of Iran and is located only 55km from Yazd.

ESFAHAN: Casio FR-200 "Dome Mode". When I walked around Esfahan, encounted one of the street garden and took a picture of it. Esfahan is just so colorful. And Persian loves garden and the picnic a lot.

TEHRAN: "Dome Mode in Casio FR-200" In Grand Bazaar during the Ashura. This is where the mourning ceremony took place. One of my extraordinary experience during my traveling. For Shi'as, commemoration of Ashura is not a festival but rather a sad event, while Sunni Muslims view it as a victory God gave to Moses. This victory is the very reason, as Sunni Muslims believe, that Muhammad recommended fasting on this day according to a Sunni hadith.

NECROPOLIS: One of the amazing sight I ever saw. This is where the king tombs located. Going to Iran without visiting Persepolis and Necropolis, which is located nearby the modern city of Shiraz is like missing out a huge chunk of Iranian history. Also know as Naqsh-e Rostam and located only 5km from the Persepolis.

PERSOPOLIS: I was on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Persepolis.  This place is a must visit when you are visiting Shiraz as its famous for their monumental architecture. Here is where the most expensive party ever been held where all emperors, kings, presidents and sheikhs from all over the world were regaled for three days amidst the ancient ruins of Persepolis.

KHARANAQ, YAZD: Sitting in a remote valley about 70km (43 miles) north of Yazd in Central Iran, is the deserted and crumbling mud-brick village of Kharanaq. Kharanaq, which means ‘place of birth of the sun’, is divided into two parts – the Old Town, which is almost completely deserted, and the New Town, where some 130 families continue to live. The Old Town was constructed with sun-baked mud bricks, forming one of the largest collections of adobe buildings in Iran. It was once a prosperous farming village, but when water supplies dried up the inhabitants left, leaving the town to turn to ruins.

MEYBOD, YAZD: Narin Castle is a mud-brick fort or castle in the town of Meybod, Iran. Structures like these constituted the government stronghold in some of the older (pre-Islamic) towns of central Iran. Some believe that the Narin castles are descendants of ancient fire-temples; some of the castles in Narin and Meybod, in Yazd province, are also called nareng castles (orange castles), possibly by folk etymology. 
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