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#FoodReview - Truly Malaysian Combo by Sugarbun

I always love SUGARBUN. Maybe it is because it has sentimental value in me. I remembered when I was in primary school, 1998, my older sister always brought me to the SugarBun at Electra House in Kuching after watched the cinema at the Cathay, near the Brooke Yard. Also it's comes with the package, enjoyed the Rojak Sotong and ABC at the Open Air Market. Gosh, how fast the times goes by. Yes, SugarBun gives a lot of Sarawakian nostalgia. That is why, some of time, I always craving for their Fragrant Rice and Broasted Chicken.

SUGARBUN, the first successful Sarawakian home grown fast food franchise magnate establish in 1979 wishes to share in celebration of this year’s Malaysia Day with 3 (three) Truly Malaysian Combo. SugarBun proudly launches its magnificent “Truly Malaysian Combo” which will fit snugly into the lifestyle of fellow Sarawakian and East Malaysian alike starting from today onwards.

Watch the video I took for Truly Malaysian Combo

Truly Malaysian Combo

Truly Malaysian Combo offers different varieties of combo sets which includes, individual meal (combo 1), combo for two (combo 2) and a Family Combo. (Combo 3)

Combo 1 comes with 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 1 piece of SugarBun’s very own famous Broasted Chicken and 1 cup of Premium 3 Layer Tea for only RM10.90.

Combo 2, for only RM28.90 includes 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 1 Asian Claypot Curry Chicken with Fragrant Rice, 2 pieces of Broasted Chicken served with 2 cups of chilling Premium 3 Layer Tea.

Whereas for a bigger eat, Family and Friends can opt for the Combo 3, the best sharing combo at RM69.00 consists of l Kano Meal, 1 set of Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom with Fragrant Rice, 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 5 pieces of Broasted Chicken and 2 large servings of Fresh Pickles together with 5 cups of Premium 3 Layer Tea.

Truly Malaysian Combo will be available only for 1 MONTH from the 15th September 2017 till 15th October 2017, in all SugarBun Restaurants in EAST MALAYSIA (Excluding Airport Outlets).

And here are my foods review, but firstly I warned you as the review are quiet bias as my nostalgia I mentioned before, I used to eat here for a million time, and I used to familiar with all the taste of the food at this outlet. The good news is some of the foods below is my first time tasted it.

1. Classic Nasi Lemak with Broasted Chicken
Score: 8.0/10

My first Nasi Lemak at SugarBun. The rice and sambal taste are good. Combination with my favorite Broasted Chicken is Perfect. I don't mind to have this Nasi Lemak Classic next time. Every Malaysian loves Nasi Lemak right?

2. Broasted Chicken
Score: 8.5/10

Broasted chickens are always my favourite! No other word can describe this.

3. Asian Claypot Curry Chicken
Score: 8/10

I love how they served the Chicken curry in the claypot as they served you while the curry boiling up. The taste is good as the use "Santan" for their curry. Portion of the chicken also worth the price. Good to eat with Nasi Lemak Classic. Only comes when you order Combo 2 Truly Malaysian Combo.

4. Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom
Score: 8/10

When you buy Combo 3, one of the meal you get is Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom. The portion of Chicken and Mushroom are good and worth it. The taste is nice. Feels like having a chicken soup at home.

5. Kano Meal
Score: 7.5/10

Broasted Chicken with sauce. I do not know why this meal is less of my fav. I always sad when the Broasted Chicken is mix with the sauce as the chicken should be eat with original flavour. But you can asked them to separate the sauce if you want.

6. Fresh Pickles
Score: 8/10

I am really not the vegetables fan. But I love to eat the pickles from SugarBun. They cucumber taste sweet+sour here and when you eat, there will be crunchy sounds as the pickles is really fresh.

7. 3 Layer Tea Premium
Score: 8/10

Last but not least, the 3 layer tea premium. The taste was good. And I love the idea the served this drink in the combo. Premium? It just the name. It just the same with other 3 layer tea. You can see here the ratio of the layer are good.


That's it for my review. Do check SugarBun for their Truly Malaysiam Combo promotion before it's too late, as it will be going for one month. Follow SugarBun on social media via Facebook (SugarBun Restaurant) and Instagram (@SugarBun_Restaurant_Official) for the latest updates, promotions, activities and more.

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