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#FoodReview Tart Passion Bakery at Damansara Uptown

Talking about Egg Tart, it is one of my favorite choice when I am in bakery shop. I can say I am the fan of egg tart and with one bite only I know the egg tart is good or not.

When I saw food review involving the egg tart, I absolutely say yes..  Actually, this review session with  ​Tart Passion Bakery which was arranged by KIPLE, via Kiple's Influencers Program (KIP).  If you are interested to join as the KIPLE Squad and doing reviews, you might join at http://kiplepay.com/kip.

Angel Ng, owner of Tart Passion offers variety selection of homemade tarts that use fresh and natural ingredients to bring you the highest quality of tarts. She started baking these tarts using secret recipe from her parents in Ipoh. If you are wondering her tarts is lookalike with the Ipoh OldTown Tart King (二奶巷葡挞皇), yes they are Angel's parents and Angel has branched a stall in Kopitiam Bintang, located at Petaling Jaya.

Here are my reviews:

Location & Parking (6/10)
Situated at Damansara Uptown, it is only a stall at Kopitiam Bintang which is a shoplot in front of Starling Mall. It is really hard to park your car near to the restaurant. If you do not mind, you can park your car at the Starling Mall itself. But honestly, I do not like this kind of busy location where the driver are parking their car as they want and sometimes blocking the traffic, unless myself has an objective to go to Starling Mall.

The restaurant/stall (6/10)
Passion Tart Bakery is only a stall at the Kopitiam Bintang. Just for the information, the restaurant is a non-halal restaurant, but the Passion Tart Bakery is served no pork. But they offers Siew Pao which is made from chicken. You can always take away the tart.

If you are non-muslim, you will have no problem. But as for myself, there will be a doubt as this is at the non-halal restaurant even though there is only a stall in front of the restaurant, and it's a pork-free.

The stall area is very clean, as its freshly baked tart and you also can get a chance to see the making of the tart at the stall. So, for the hygiene and cleanliness, there is no issue. 

The price (8/10)
For me, the price is reasonable enough. I would buy those egg tarts with that price.

Portuguese Egg Tart (7.5/10)
I love the texture of this egg tart. Its reminded me with the egg tart I ate in Malacca and Macao. Plus it's freshly baked. You should give it a try.

Fresh/Pandan Egg Tart (7/10)
Like I said before, this is one of my favorite food. When I bite it, the filling was good and tasty. But unfortunately, it is not as good I imagined. Still, its fresh and yummy. But for me, to go to Damansara Uptown for this egg tart will not worth it unless you do not know where to get freshly baked egg tart.

Pandan Egg Tart is really unique. You can mix your order to get the varities of the taste.

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Final Verdict

Cleanliness: 4/5  Clean stall and can see their prepare the tarts.
Environment: 3/5  At the non-halal chinese restaurant.
Location: 3/5 It's at Damansara Uptown
Parking: 2.5/5 Very busy area and hard to park
Staffs Efficiency: 4.5/5 They are friendly and helpful
Tastiness: 3.5/5 It's good, but you can get better choice elsewhere.

Will I return: Will think twice

Tart Passion 
56M, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Contact: 012 5226026

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