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Saharul Ridzwan had been appointed as ERYA by Suria Ambassador during New Branding 2017 Launching

SURIA RESORTS & HOTELS is an iconic brand that has established the indigenous hospitality since 2000 based on Sharia compliance, now has moved forward in line with the country's vision 2050, under the auspices of Yayasan Amal Mutaqin Sdn Bhd which has crossed the boundaries of time and borders for 17 years.

During the '17 Years Old ... Our Journey' Suria Resorts & Hotels' uncoiled travel journey with precise objectives are now into a phase of consolidation Solidatari or organizational structure, ideology of creative marketing,  in line with current millennium challenges. Economic growth industries with the growth of the boutiques hotel  slightly by giving one branch of challenges which impact the competitive spirit of Suria Resorts & Hotels to be  more.

Therefore, after the details and particulars that made assisted by the branding consultants, CYDASTUDIO International. It is time for a change, a transformation, a process of metamorphosis from a benchmark towards a more challenging benchmark. Metamorphosis or changes in line with the quote.

It had been told that the name ERYA inspired from the butterfly

ERYA by Suria is symbolic of a change or metamorphosis with rhythm of "RIA" represents the branding services brenchmark transformation  to  a more competitive hotel hospitality.

The first phase change 'ERYA by Suria' focuses on directives as follows;

The new naming or 'branding',
Corporate logo visual artistic renewal,
Stabilization in details Six (6) Marketing Segmentation,
Strengthening technical industrial training and vocational education through the Suria Program, and the appointment of Ambassador.

Saharul Ridzwan had been appointed as ERYA by Suria Ambassador
Therefore, the positive change initiative 'Erya by Solar' strides to become one of Bumiputera lcon of Hospitality. From the start, 'Erya by Suria' is one based on Sharia - compliance hotel. In line with globalization 'Towards Planet 21' by combining the characteristics of "Green Hotel". 'Eco-Muslim Hotel' is the new term combined through a combination of both the above which is the new directive will be adopted in this first phase.

Approach "towards the Eco-Sustainable Planet 21' is the cornerstone of the procedure big brand hotels around the world for example HILTON GROUP, ACCOR GROUP and other involvement. "Eco-Sustainable Hotel 'will be implemented gradually, taking into account management of water, electrical. recycle and etc. Through ECO-HOTEL MUSLIM it can increase a benchmark marketing strategy and management and also can reduce maintenance costs.

Saharul Ridzwan had been appointed as ERYA by Suria Ambassador. On the right: Mrs Nor Dalina bt Khalil, Group Chief Operating Officer, ERYA by Suria.
Six segmentation directive will also focusing collectively mangambil steps and details to surplus in each location in Merang. Cherating, Janda Baik, Bentong, Johor Bharu and London. Six segmentation offered is ERYA LUXY , ERYA EXEC, ERYA FAMY, ERYA ENVI. ERYA SYLO and ERYA. For example ERYA SURIA JOHOR BARU advantages in terms of location, which is located in the heart of Johor Bahru and close to Kota Iskandar and Singapore where there are average number of business traveler. Thus with a complete focus on service in addition to an executive 'Value Added' to offer a complete service 'OFFICE on GO' infrastructure seems to be in the executive rooms. Through segmentation, 'Target Market' will be more focused and segmentation dual function will be able to increase sales.

The directive will also emphasize the scientific development of new programs within a more comprehensive courses. The addition of a series of scholarship and excellence awards will be given in order to produce catalysts in hotel management towards more effective and professional. Therefore ERYA offers a program called Marya GRAD apprentice which is a special program.

Saharul Ridzwan and Chef Muhammad Asri, with signature and special meals of ERYA by Suria.
And lastly social media approach and the involvement of celebrities through the program will also complete the shift of paradigm  in the first phase of this branding. ERYA by Suria has chosen the popular celebrity who has a high rating. Sharul Ridzwan an actor, host and model and winner of several awards and popular drama star. He was born in Kuantan, Pahang and raised in Kelantan plus he is an icon for Muslim Volunteer Malaysia, which to complement the marketing strategy.

More info, follow ERYA by Suria in the social media:
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  1. Moga dengan penjenamaan semula dan pelantikan Duta ini, Erya By Suria akan lebih maju dan berdaya saing dalam Industri Perhotelan di Malaysia.

  2. Boleh tau sejarah erya by suria hot spring bentong tak? Saya nak buat report ni.. huhu


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