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Experience the Virtual Reality at VR Lab Malaysia

Still remember the movie ‘total Recall’ when Arnold Schwarzenegger went to this cool place where people can go to places they want without worrying about plane tickets and stuffs. Well yes! kinda.. Get ready for the journey of your life because you are in for a treat. As you all now might have known VR or Virtual Reality has been quite a thing in the Youtubers world where you see people going on roller coaster rides and even killing zombies.

I present to you Malaysia’s first VR theme entertainment hub, the VR LAB was establishment somewhere in 2016 armed with Malaysia’s most enthusiast VR team that will guide you to a journey of a lifetime, a place where you can do anything for the VR world is yours, but don't worry you can share it with your friends and even people around the world.
It is an experience that for sure will make you crave for more, it is the most intense and hands on (by hands on I mean literally both hands). Equipped with the latest HTC VIVE VR headsets and programs that you can choose from. I’ll say it's a dream workout for gamers throughout the world well in this case Malaysian gamers, for those who are Dota fanatics you are in for a ride because you can be in the game as part of the champions that adore as for me Bloodseeker is the choice or even Pudge.

You could even become the next Picasso or even Da Vinci himself but this time it’s in 3D where you can create art the only limit is your imagination. Care for a new job experience? Well yes of course there’s a simulation for it.

Have you ever feel like how’s does it feel like to be in a room where you need to find clues to escape and you have only a little time if not… bye bye? Or even boxing with an AI, it’s the best workout  ever! So realistic you feel it in your arms.

Something simple would like maybe walking of a plank from a tall building or maybe walking into a room filled with cockroaches walking around you (the bug that we all love).

Horror would be one of the most recommended genre’s that would the highlight to be played, you can kill zombies like ninjas with Katanas and even kill them with guns. The best cool thing is there’s even a zombie killer clown, like it’s not worst when they’re alive right? Erghh clowns out of many things. You could even become the pizza guy who was trapped with 3 cute dolls that goes around and stalking you from behind and catches you and of them is a cute clown with red nose and big red shoes.

I’d love to tell everything about the VR experience but I don't want to become a spoiler,  why not you experience yourself at the VR LAB which located not only in SS2, Petaling Jaya but even in Publika, Bandar Sunway, Manjalara, Kota damansara, and even Wangsa maju. Who knows it might be just across the street you’re staying.

But the biggest and the latest VR LAB is located in SS2, Petaling Jaya that has over 10 rooms to pick, from single room to VIP room which varies of VR game genres like:

Arts & Design





Ouwh did I mention that they provide service for birthday parties and even corporate events with affordable price. VR LAB is a one stop centre anything that is related to Virtual Reality, you can even purchase the headset at VR LAB.

Currently there are few branches of VR Lab Malaysia around Klang Valley, which are:
- SS15
- Bandar Sunway
- Manjalara Kepong
- Kota Damansara
- SS2, Petaling Jaya
-Wangsa Maju  

For more info please feel free to drop by their social media account and website as shown:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrlab.experience/

Website: http://www.vrlab.my

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  1. Very interesting write up! There will be a new branch in Publika right?

  2. VR memang best... Rugi sangat kalau tak pegi.. Memang tak hingat dunia main time tuh..

  3. WOW ! this is actually pretty cool. Would love to check it out :D

  4. VR is slowly taking over Youtube of late! Lolz... Esp seeing the Annabelle trailer in VR was so thrilling!!! Good to know you guys have a VR lab in Malaysia!

  5. Virtual Reality benefits the tourists making them more enthusiast while interacting to a place virtually just because of better immersion. Virtual Reality Tech News


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