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Firefly - With FY E-Wallet Travel Made Easy

Firefly Airlines officially launched its latest product, FY e-wallet on 20 January over a breakfast session with media members at the headquarters in CITTA Mall.

As many nowadays seek more choices to go cashless, the mobile phone and internet is slowly becoming the new wallet. These cashless options have become a daily method of payment for users to even purchase a simple or coffee.

With FR e-wallet, travelers can now experience purchasing Firefly tickets quicker and easier - leading to a greater sense of satisfaction. Rest assured, the money will be safe and secured with Firefly.

FY e-wallet is a cashless convenience that allows travelers to purchase tickets with Firefly anytime with not having to worry about unsuccessful transactions, for instance, when utilizing debit cards or credit cards. Apart from that, travelers would also get an additional bonus amount from Firefly based on category of amount that travelers purchase with Firefly.

The more travelers spend with Firefly, the more they would get back in return, giving the deposit a great value for money spent. This facility can be used anytime to purchase Firefly's Flight tickets as well as any of Firefly's add on products. This would also include all surcharges and taxes that is imposed by Firefly.

Having brought back the 20KG baggage allowance after a short stint, Firefly strongly believes that this realistic weight given for free enables passengers to travel hassle free. A most of the passengers are from the Professional, Managerial, Executives and Business (PMEB) group, this baggage allowance is a relieve to many as they travel for work purpose or short gateways.
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  1. this is great... i agree it is convenient using e wallet to purchase things sometimes...

  2. This should be useful for those traveling regularly, as is their new policy of allowing ticket changes easily for the same day. I just wish there were more flights from Subang!

  3. This is cool! How to they charge it to you? Via your credit card or bank account? Very beneficial for frequent fliers :) Think about how much you could save (and the rewrds!) you will get.

  4. Interesting. I too like to go cashless or cardless sometimes. But also risky on how much I will spent. This system is it like we have to top up the desired amount we like?

  5. i hate carrying around cash.. so definitely love the idea of e wallet.. we just need more places that can accept this system..

  6. This is definitely something I can make use of. Living in Ipoh, Firefly is only one of two airlines that serve the Ipoh Airport.

  7. wow..i think by the time I start travelling there would be a lot of convenience things like this around.... <3

  8. So convenient for all travelers around the world! I am glad they have this on market now =)

  9. thanks for sharing! some new insight to me :)


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