23 January 2017

Dolly Dim Sum Spreads Its Wings to a New Location at Pavilion

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Dolly welcomes you to her new home at the newly launched Pavilion Elite in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Whilst at Avenue K, diners enjoy traditional dim sum in a contemporized teahouse setting, Dolly's Pavilion outfit is inspired by a traditional kitchen. Here is where Dolly spends time tinkering over new recipes and breathing life to new dim sum varieties. Dolly Dim Sum at Pavilion ha a capicity of 80 seats.

Royal Golden Fried Rice

Dolly Dim Sum brings to life a cuisine that is steeped in tradition and embraced by many over the centuries. Dim sum literally means "to touch the heart" and at Dolly Dim Sum we are proud to offer a unique dining experience emcompassing quality ingredients, heartfelt service and an impeccable dining ambiance. The kitchen serves up classic favourites such as "har gao" dumplings, roasted BBQ buns, baked mini egg tarts and panfried radish cakes.

 Year of Rooster Dim Sum

 Yam Croquette

The dining experience offered by Dolly Dim Sum is unique in Kuala Lumpur today. It is a contemporized dim sum house that offfers an all-day grazing experience, serving delicious, traditional dim sum in a modern setting. At Dolly, makin dim sum is an art form - each piece is delicate and exquisite, much like a 'dolly'.
Stir-Fried Chicken

Dolly's Sechuanz Style Wanton Dumpling


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