31 May 2016

Where to Eat? - Kota Kinabalu - Philippines Market is a Seafood Heaven

Visiting Kota Kinabalu means you are visiting the seafood heaven territory. The easiest and nearest place to have overload of seafood is at Philippines Market, just beside the waterfront and across the Le Meridean Hotel.

Might be some local did not recommend this place, as most probably the seller ask for ridiculous expensive price.

I am very wonder, is the price are really expensive? I try to survey the price from one restaurant to one restaurant.

Most of the price is affordable. You can haggle the price too.

You can watch the video how I ask the price for each seafood.

RM 15 - Roasted Squids

RM 10 Fried Squid

RM 10 Butter Prawn


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