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#EAT@KotaKinabalu - Nasi Katok and Ayam Madu Panggang

 Have you try to taste "Nasi Katok" or "Knock Rice"?

Nasi Katok is a Brunei signature dish. At first I really do not have any idea what is Nasi Katok. Nasi Katok is very simple dish, plain rice+fried chicken+sambal.

They served you hot fried chicken which makes the taste is amazing. The most special for this dish is its "Sambal"

I try Nasi Katok at Warisan Sri Rasa Cafe. It is located at the Asia City Complex and opened at night only. If you go at night, there are a few of stall you can choose.

The history of Nasi Katok was started in Brunei. Once upon a time, there was someone selling the Fried Chicken+Plain Rice from house to house. So, at everyhouse, they will knock the door as they sell the rice. That is why the rice call "Katok" or in english "Knock".

Beside Nasi Katok, you can't resist the smell of honey roasted chicken wing they sell beside the "Nasi Katok" Cafe. Just buy some and enjoy at your table. I am sure it is non-stoppable.


The best apps to use while in KK City is Foursquare. You can get the Nasi Katok direction from the apps + Google Maps if you want to walk


Nasi Katok,
Kompleks Asia City
near Restoran Sri Keningau
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 88000
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