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#EAT@Kuching - The Barber, Riung Kuring, MK Classico Cafe

I just came back to Kuching, and I was shocked that so many new restaurants around here. So I tried a few restaurant and I reviewed it here. In this post, I will review 3 restaurants around Kuching. So, if you happened to visit Kuching, you can try one of the restaurant.

1. The Barber

Why this cafe called The Barber? Because this restaurant look like Barber shop. I like the idea. This restaurant is just next to The Junk. I think it is the same owner. When we there, their kitchen is still in renovation and all the foods you ordered, actually is from The Junk.

This cafe also served alcohol, so this restaurant might do not have Halal certification and only No Pork Served. That is why only my friends ordered the foods. I only drinks and this place is good for hang out.

The price is too much. Same like the Junk. 

The Barber, Kuching
Chicken Wings, RM 25, 6 pieces of chicken wing cut into half
The Barber decorations

The Barber decorations

The Barber decorations

The Barber decorations
The Barber decorations

2. Riung Kuring, The Sundanese Foods

Riung Kuring is set at the village area near Satok area. If you are from the Satok bridge to the Satok building, turn left when you see RHB, then you will meet 4 junction, turn right to Jalan Dagok. Arounf 50 meter, you will see Riung Kuring on your left.

During the weekend, it is quiet crowded. I managed to go here on weekdays when the people is less. Ordering and waiting for the foods is good. 

I ordered the Cheese Fried Banana which is nice, the "Nasi Ayam Bakar Madu" which is yummy, and my parents ordered Seafood Fried Rice which were delicious.

I know about this place from my friends, and I been told that this place served good food.

Nasi Ayam Bakar Madu
Seafood Fried Rice
Cheese Fried Banana
Business Card
Business Hour
The Menu

3. MK Classico Cafe

MK Classico Cafe is just a new cafe in town. It served more to Western menu, cakes, coffee, chocolate and their specialty is nutella drinks. Situated at Jalan Borneo. 

Own by Malay and the same owner of Raja Ayam Bakar & Raja Ayam Penyet, so not to worry about Halal, can eat with confidence. T

he decoration inside the cafe is killing you. Many vintage things for their decorations. The food price here I can say, its quiet pricy, some of it are worth it and some of it no. 

The burger here is not that good comparing the one the sold at Raja Ayam Bakar last time.
I love the cheese cake. So delicious. 

You might get the problem with the seating. It is limited. So, it is quiet crowded on the weekend. 

About the service, the queue up for the order takes time as only 1 counter open at a time. And some of the menu the write of the blackboard is not available. After you ordered, the waiting time for the food is reasonable.

MK Special, double layer burger

Cheese Cake, Yummy
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  1. You should try Bumbu Cabe (Area Pending - Kpg Sg Periok). Sudanese food. Own by Malay also.


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