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#FlightReview - Malindo Air KCH-KUL Economy Class

This was my 2nd time flying with Malindo Air. Both from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, for morning flight. Kuching to Kuala Lumpur got 2 flights daily, but Kuala Lumpur to Kuching only got 1 flight daily which is in the morning.

Inside the flight

Why I chose Malindo Air? It is simple answer, I just chose the cheapest flight. With RM99 one way, I get 15kg luggage to check it. Its good right? You better check Malindo Air as other alternative. he flight they using are Boeing 737-800.

Free for everyone, biscuits & mineral water

Malindo Air only have stewardess, no steward. Their uniform is quiet unique and elegant in a certain way. They using transparent white kebaya with the Tube inside and a pink batik with very high cut. I can say it is quiet sexy uniform. I got many cabin crew friends, and some of them talking about the crews should using the fire retardant uniform. But for Malindo Air, I do not think so. The high cut pink batik is for the emergency, so they can move freely.

Nice LCD Screen, bring your own earphone, can charge using USB

The seat is comfortable. The leg area is the most spacious is compare to MAS or AirAsia. The seat LCD is good comparable to MAS and plus good sound. But the choice of movie & TV shows are limited. 

Spacious leg space

Bring your own earphone. In hear, they use normal 3.5mm earphone jack, not like other airlines which using twin jack. You can charge your mobile using the USB. Each seat got 1 USB, under the LCD screen.

Chicken Briyani, only RM12

After the seat belt sign is off, they start to give you a snack, which consist the biscuit and a mineral water. Later, they will sells all the hot meal. One thing that weird, they do not have the menu like in the AirAsia flight. In this flight, I tried the Chicken Briyani, not bad and taste is good. It is only RM12, compare to AirAsia RM15 hot meals if you buy in the flight.

Chicken Briyani, yummy!

Anyway, I am happy with Malindo Air, plus my flight just now they had arrived 45 minutes early. Can you imagine that? So Malindo Air will be one of my top priority.

#FlightReview - Malindo Air KCH-KUL Economy Class Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. We chose Malindo becoz it is the cheapest flight but not happy with the service. OD 316 from Mumbai to KL got delayed by 1 hour. In flight the stewardess mentioned nonveg meals already over..after arguing they somehow managed to arrange for 3...we lost our luggage becoz of the transit flight label getting off from the bag...how careless is this. Further the flight OD 325 to KL from Denpasar got rescheduled..delayed by 1.15 hours after people had already checked in...in flight again..no nonveg meals and they are least guilty to tell you that...the movie range extremely limited and TV sets not working as well...all in in all a pathetic experience until the last one. Am boarding my return flight to Mumbai tomorrow and hope this review is just not taken for the heck of it

    1. Hi Sayli, I am very sorry to hear that.

      But during my flight, everything was perfect. I am agree the TV programmes are quiet outdated, but it was still OK for me.

      You would might to send complaint to the airlines itself, looking for their answers. Good Luck.


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