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Review: Vietjet Air | Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi | A320

VietJet Air is a Vietnam low-cost airlines which start operated on 2011. Before this, I heard a lot about VietJet Air especially about their viral video especially regarding the cabin crews with the bikini show. I just wonder, does them not cold? But kudos to VietJet Air, now people know about them, good marketing though.

For my previous Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi - Sapa journey, I had a chance to fly with VietJet Air. I got a very cheap price even I add-on checked-in luggage, rather than riding a bus.

Nothing much to brag about VietJet Air as it more alike our national beloved low-cost airlines, AirAsia. The checked-in was smooth and boarding also in organized manner. The flight is A320-200.

For me their cabin crew's uniform is a lit bit off and not represent 'classy' look, it is more like 'cheap'. Combination with brown and red colour of uniform with a short, its remind me of the safari crew, no offense.

The seat is a black leather seat. Almost the size of AirAsia seat and suitable for Asian size. No in-flight entertainment entertainment on-board as it is a low-cost airlines.

For the in-flight meal, there is only one HALAL meal which is Nasi Lemak but you need to pre-order it earlier. One hot meal cost you about about USD5. In the menu booklet, all the food look nice. 

The flight was smooth and we arrived Hanoi as scheduled. So, my experience fly with VietJet is the same experience with I flew with AirAsia. Low price, fast and reliable. Do I want to fly with them again? Yeah, if the destination and price is good though!...

Review: Vietjet Air | Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi | A320 Reviewed by mytravellicious on 5:44 PM Rating: 5

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