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Review: Citilink QG515 | Kuala Lumpur - Banyuwangi | Hello Ijen Mountain!

I made a survey in my facebook status who knows about "BANYUWANGI" and have they have heard of it. It is turn out 60% of my friends never heard of it. For the 40%, they all knows about the Ijen Craters and Sukamade beach. For me, I heard of Banyuwangi before, but it did not interest me to go there before as it never in my list. I had been to Bali and Surabaya, and interestingly Banyuwangi is between the two famous place.

Checked-in counter in KLIA

My boarding pass of Citilink flight Kuala Lumpur - Banyuwangi

Citilink, has introduced the direct flight from Banyuwangi to Kuala Lumpur and vice versa everyday since December 2018. Citilink is a low-cost carrier subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. So, knowing the standard of Garuda Airlines, you can expect what you get in Citilink from the safety standards. 

Welcome to Citilink
Thank you to fly with Citilink

In Kuala Lumpur, I checked-in my luggage in KLIA. For this flight, if you bought it, it will come with 10kg free baggage and hot meal. Sounds good enough? Maybe that is the introduction promo, until now, it still maintain that way. Checked-in counter is manage by Malaysia Airport, so, no worries and no hassle. The queue line is short. Love the idea, they using KLIA not KLIA2 even though they are low-cost carrier. So do not get confuse.


Seat arrangement 3-3, A320 
Citilink is the same as like most of the low-cost carrier, this flight is using A320. Not sure much different from AirAsia except they are using Green and Lime theme colour, AirAsia using red theme colour. There are two types of cabin crew crew uniforms, one is in green colour and another one in lime colour. The design just nice and nothing to brag about.

The seat is same what you can find in low cost carrier, a little bit limited but still okay for the Asian size. In every pocket seat in front of you, there will be 2 magazine, 1 menu booklet and 1 safety guide pamphlet. Their in flight magazine called "linkers" is interesting and worth to read if you want to more about destination in Indonesia.

Menu booklet


I am impressed with their hot meal menu in their booklet. All the foods looks very good in every page and the highlighting all the Indonesia traditional foods. Its remind me of AirAsia hot meal. If they keep improving, they can compete with AirAsia's santan menu. For our hot meal, we are given BALI MIXED RICE with a desert (some sort of coconut jelly). I try to find it inside the menu booklet, but it not find any about the Bali Mixed Rice, maybe it is special complimentary menu. If your stomach still hungry, you can order another hot meals which cost you around 55k rupiah (~RM19).

Bali Mixed Rice


Citilink cabin crews are very accommodating and very kind. Represent the Indonesian warm hospitality. They are really attentive with our request and always smile. Like I say before, they are subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia which happened a winner of Best Cabin Crew for 2018 Skytrax Award.

Leg space

The best thing about the flight that we are passing the Ijen Mountain. Pilot will make announcement that we will passing the Ijen Crater in a few minutes before. Try to seat on the right side (D-E-F seat), F seat is the most perfect seat to view the view. Remember that folks!

Magnificent Ijen Mountain view

After three hours flight, we arrived in Banyuwangi. It is a very smooth flight. Another extra for Citilink is the pilot always giving "PANTUN" to the passengers. Do not miss that out! Arriving the Banyuwangi, we are using portable stairs to the runway and you need to walk to the arrival hall. As the immigration is using the manual system, you can expect a very slow process. You can wait in the arrival hall in you do not want to queue up before queue up to the immigration counter.

Welcome to Banyuwangi, using the portable exit stairs to the runway.

At last, WELCOME to Banyuwangi. I will sharing my journey in 4days 3nights in Banyuwangi in my next post. Stay tune and bookmark my blog ya! Thank you Citilink for the excellent services and thank you again to introduce direct flight from Banyuwangi-Kuala Lumpur.

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