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Things To Do in Koh Rong, Cambodia - Snorkelling & Plankton Discovery is a must

In Koh Rong, I had stayed at Sok San Beach Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. Most of my activities and tours I took with the hotels.

Some of the tours and activities are depending on the weather and the condition of the sea. Plus, it is also depending on the number of participants. 

At Sok San Beach Resort, you can choose a lot of interesting activities. If comparing the price with other places, here the tours a little bit expensive. But, the service is excellent and with very experiences guide.

Here are the activities offered by this resort:

At first I decided to do island hopping, unfortunately, there was no one else to join the tours, and they need to cancel it as the minimum number is not reached. If I'm not mistaken, 2 pax is the minimum number.

As I do not want to tired, I only signed up for snorkeling and plankton discovery.


I always love snorkeling. So I decided not to miss out snorkeling around Koh Rong. It's about 10 person took the tours. And this tour cost 20USD for 2hours+ session.

It starts at 9am, and we came back to the resort around 11.30am.

All the snorkeling set, life jacket, and fin are provided.

We will snorkeling at two points, one is Chilli's Chip and one more is at Blue Lagoon.

As I had done so many snorkeling session, I was not really impressed with the place.

It was a little bit boring, the variety of fish are very limited.

The corals are dull and not really colorful .

A lot of sea urchins make me nervous.

But I can say, the Blue Lagoon area is better than Chilli's Chip.

If you want to kill some time, you can try the tour. It still fun.

Watch my snorkeling video

Plankton Discovery

Another activities I took from the hotel was plankton discovery after it was recommended by the staff here.

The tours cost 15USD per pax, and it started at 6.50pm.

There were 7 of us plus 1 guide and 1 driver.

First, they will provided each pax with 1 towel, and 1 snorkel set.

Here some tips, do please bring your own torchlight and insect repellent.

From hotel to the plakton discovery beach, need to ride 4wd car with bumpy road. Took about 20 minutes ride.

And they park the car just beside the road, which is very dark. Use your torch to light up when you walk to the beach.

Put your bag at the beach, the driver will guard the bag.

So, the plankton discovery begins.

The guide will bring you to the beach which is not that deep, around your knee, but its a little far from the beach.

Do not use your torch, just leave your torch with your bag.

When you already at the center, you will see the plankton lighting up when you walking shaking the water. It was amazing moment.

It just very magical experience. Our guide said, the colder the water, more plankton, When you use your snorkel, you can see the plankton.

I tried to capture the moment. But it's too dark.

Anyway, it is really great experience.

I recommended everyone whoever visiting Koh Rong, do not miss out the plankton discovery. 


Other activities

If you had a chance, do try island hopping, especially Koh Rong Samloen. 

You also can rent a motorcycle in Koh Rong, and doing your own tour around the island.

If you are really love with water sport, you can try sailing boat and kayak.

Or if you are a diver, you must not miss to dive at the Koh Rong area.

Love fishing, it's also great.

Some of other places, offering party cruise around the island. Sound interesting if you are into party,
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