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#FlightReview - China Airlines CI725 CI726 KUL-TPE-KUL Economy Class

I was really excited to fly with China Airlines because it is Premium Airlines and my first time to fly with them. I'm with the group to visit Taiwan for the Muslim tour. Do you know there is Muslim Package for Exploring Taiwan (Full Board), its including China Airlines return flights+Muslim Friendly Hotel+Muslim Restaurant+Tour, only cost you RM2699 per person for 5days 4nights, Stay tune for more Muslim Travel guide in Taiwan in  my upcoming post.

Info of my flight

Date: 19 Aug 2017 (KUL-TPE) & 24 Aug 2017 (TPE-KUL)

Flight: CI 726 (KUL-TPE) & CI 725 (TPE-KUL)

Seat: 20A (KUL-TPE) & 23A (TPE-KUL)

Route: Kuala Lumpur - Taipei -Kuala Lumpur

Duration: 4 hours flight

Check-in (5/5)
Check-in was smooth and fast. No problem at all as not so many passengers on this flight.

Boarding Pass (3.5/5)
Simple boarding pass and not fancy. They using hard cover paper like other airlines do.

Boarding (4/5)
My flight is on time. The boarding process in both flight are smooth. Again, it might be not so many passengers on my flight.

Seat (4/5)
I am use to vibrant colour of seat. Unfortunately for the China Airlines, they using pastel colour for their seat. It showing that the cabin has a classy look and the elegant. The space is quiet spacious. As not so many passengers on board, it is possible to change the seat once take off. So, the chance to get three whole row of seat is really is high.

Crew (4/5)
First of all, I love their cabin crew uniform. It such an elegant uniform they have and its own their class. Eventhough they are not showing their culture through the uniform, their uniform feature elements of contemporary design, had won award for Best Flight Attendant Uniforms from Conde Nast Traveler and Golbar Traveler magazines. 

But for the friendliness and kindness, still they can't fight with most of Southeast Asia cabin crew, which is think is still the best.

Magazine (4/5)
There are few magazines/booklet at my seat. One the them is Dynasty Magazine. China Airlines' "Dynasty" in-flight magazine has won the Award of Excellence for magazines and periodicals from the 2016 US Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX). The award shines an international spotlight on the spirit of cultural creativity present in Taiwan.

In-Flight Entertainment (3/5)
Once seated, there will be the headphone available. Unfortunately there is not screen on the seat or any usb charger. It just a plain seat. And the TV screen is a sharing basis. So everyone just enjoying movie as per flight choices and depends on your seat, whether your seat near to your screen or not. It's really old school of the technology. I think they should upgrade their in-flight entertainment to compete with other airlines. 

Because of non-interest of watching the movie, I tried to listen to the radio. Hundred flight I had been flew, this was my first time listening to the fight radio. It is quiet entertaining, with variety of music from old school till the Bollywood.

Toilet (4/5)

Meal (4/5)
The flight from Kuala Lumpur is confirmed HALAL as its supplied by BRAHIM. But you can request fror Muslim meal when you buy the ticket on their website. Muslim meals must be book not later 2 days before your flight.

From Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, I choose BBQ Chicken noodles. It was yummy and the BBQ was sweet. I don't like the appetizer, which was the pickle of cabbages.

From Taipei to Kuala Lumpur, they served the special meal first. So if you requested Muslim Meal, you will be served first as this is the requirement most of the flight. Like always, there is a Muslim Meal sticker on the main meal and appetizer. My menu was Mutton Curry with Rice and for the appetizer was Macaroni Salad. It was nice. I love this meal rather on the inbound flight.

I am not sure why, I like their spoon, fork and knife. Even though its plastic, still it look elegant. Rather than using the cheap plastic cutlery like others do. Credits for China Airlines

Mixed snack is my favorite. It beats salted nut immediately. And the mixed snacks is really good.

I love how efficient they were when serving hot drinks. Each one of the crew only serving whether coffee or tea. So 4 of cabin crews will holding only one jug of hot drinks without the food cart. So you just asked one of the crews to serve you with your preferred drink.

Cabin Experience (4/5)
Love the meal. Love the magazine. Not not really for the in flight entertainment. The weather was good on both flight. So I had a great experience.

Baggage Claim (5/5)
No problem with my luggage. 

Overall (4/5)
The flight was good. Hopefully they improved their in-flight entertainment.

Want to book your flight with China Airlines? Go to their website at https://www.china-airlines.com/
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