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#FlightReview - Thai Airways TG416 KUL-BKK Economy Class

Hey guys, how's your Aidilfitri preparation? Everything is good ya I hope.  Thai Airways was named the Winner of World's Best Economy Flight for the Skytrax 2017 World Airline Awards. Congratulations to Thai Airways, you deserved it. 

So in this post, I want to share my experience when flew with Thai Airways Economy Class from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, Thailand.

Info of my flight:

Date: 25 September 2016
Flight: TG416
Seat: 68K
Route: Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (Medium Haul)

Check-in (4/5)
Check-in was smooth. No problem at all. As my ticket was the staff ticket which I didn't realize, the check-in staff asked me about this. I was a little bit blur. But, after that it made sense. 

Boarding Pass (4/5)
Love it. Purple is one of my favourite colour

Boarding (3/5)
The flight been delayed for 15 minutes, nothing much to brag about, it was Okay. The crews were helpful and friendly. Announcement were really clear.

Seat (5/5)
First of all, I really love the vibrant color of the seat, it is really brilliant choice. It's really suitable with the orchid theme. The leg room is spacious as you can see in the photo. I sat alone in my room. And window seat is my favorite seat.

Crew (4/5)
I expected the cabin crew using the traditional Thailand uniform as it is really looks rich and royalty. But unfortunately, during my flight, the crew was using the other uniform which more casual. They always smile and really helpful during my flight.

Magazine (4/5)
Its readable. I enjoyed the magazine.

In-Flight Entertainment (5/5)
Thai Airways is the premium airlines, so the in-flight entertainment is at the top notch. Many latest movies and with variety of choices. I watched "Angry Bird" during the flight.

Toilet (4/5)
It was clean. I love the touched of "cologne" they put in the toilet.

Meal (5/5)
I love everything about the meal inside the flight. I had requested HALAL meal during my reservation. The main dish is soy sauce meat with fragrant rice. Taste was good! What I really fall in love is their appetizer. Tuna Salad as their signature appetizer. The dessert also yummy!

Cabin Experience (4/5)
I was entertain, I felt safe, I was comfortable and my stomach was full. Plus, it was really a smooth flight. Really good chapter to start my Bangkok journey.

Baggage Claim (4/5)
No problem with my luggage. 

Overall (4/5)
Amazing  flight and airline!

Will I Fly Again?
Of course. Who doesn't?
#FlightReview - Thai Airways TG416 KUL-BKK Economy Class Reviewed by mytravellicious on 11:25 PM Rating: 5

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