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Orde Heritage Recipes Kampong Baru - Asam Pedas & Masak Lemak

Currently, already about 6 months that I am staying in Malacca, so I knew the special dishes for in this state. Everywhere I go, there will be Asam Pedas restaurant or at least offered the Asam Pedas menu.

Yes, every loves Asam Pedas, that does include myself. I do not know why, maybe because of the sour and spicy taste make it so addictive. 

Another special dish is Masak Lemak. I never try masak lemak during my staying in Malacca. My housemate always recommended me to try the Pedas/Linggi Masak Lemak because it is so delicious as he mentioned especially Masak Lemak Itik. Everytime I drove to Kuala Lumpur, I will pass through the restaurant, which always full house.

Okay, forget about Malacca or Negeri Sembilan. Let's talk about Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Yeah. The place where you can get 1001 menus and restaurant. When I stayed at Sunway Putra Hotel last week, I am decided to break fast at Kampong Baru as it is nearby.

Suddenly, one of friends asked me to join them break the fast at Kampong Baru. Of course I agreed.

The restaurant is called Orde Heritage Recipes located at the food court of Jalan Haji Hashim. The restaurant is No.8 and No.9, and their old name before rebranding is Asam Pedas Kampong Kampong.

Their specialty are Asam Pedas, Masak Lemak, Masak Goreng Kunyit, and Soup. 

And here were the foods that I tried and my verdict each menu:

1. Asam Pedas Jenahak (Set+Plain Rice = RM 11) 

My Review: [4.2/5] Woah....eventhough the presentation is quiet messy, ignore it as this is not fine dining. The taste of asam is strong. I love it. And the fish head is big. Everything is complete! I love it.

2. Asam Pedas Daging Tetell (Set+Plain Rice = RM 11) 

My Review: [4.4/5] No, this is not first time taste the tetell, and its one of my favorite kind of Asam Pedas. Suprisingly the tetell here is soft. The amount of tetell inside the bowl also satisfying. Taste was complete. Asam Pedas is achieved.

3. Daging Salai Masak Lemak (Set+Plain Rice = RM 11) 

My Review: [4.5/5] My favourite so far! Hohoho... the taste of masak lemak was very good. What I love here the texture of the meat. "Daging Salai" is more to "smoked meat". When I tried to eat the meat, I knew exactly it was smoked. Here, the meat will be cut into very thin pieces.

4. Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Set+Plain Rice = RM 5) 

My Review: [3.7/5] Nothing special. It just the same with ayam goreng kunyit with every where. But the taste was good but I am expecting more "kunyit" taste. Also the price was affordable.

5. Sotong Goreng Kunyit (Set+Plain Rice = RM 7) 

My Review: [3.8/5] I love they way its look with the complete amount of vegetables makes it sweet and the taste is balanced. Everyone love squid right? But like I said before I am expecting more "Kunyit" taste.

7. Sup Ayam (Set+Plain Rice = RM 7) 

My Review: [3.8/5] This soup is rich with the herb taste. It was so good until you can stop the drink the soup. But it's a little bit oily, it makes you felt guilty after eat the soup and you gonna hit the gym immediately. But I am okay with it. Cheat day!

8. Omellete and sambal (FOC)

All the set meal will come with omelette, cucumber and sambal, plus the cordial drinks is unlimited which you gonna need it because it was so spicy. That's the point!.

They currently having the delivery service around Kuala Lumpur with the minimum order of 5 boxes. Just contact them through whatsapp, and just wait your foods coming to your door.


Cleanliness: 3/5 Can be more improve
Environment: 3/5 It can be quite hot and pack
Location: 4/5 Easy to find.  The place is not in the "hot" area of Kg Baru. No traffic jam involve.
Parking: 3.5/5 During my visit, easy to park as not so many restraunt open.
Staffs Efficiency: 3.5/5
Tastiness: 4/5

Will I return: YES

You can contact them at:

Whatsapp / Tel : 016 207 3499 
Adress : No 8 & 9, Pusat Penjaja Selera Muda
               Jalan Haji Hashim Kampong Baru

               53100 Kuala Lumpur  

How to go here:

Waze/Grab/Uber: You can type "Gerai Alang (Asila) .
Orde Heritage Recipes Kampong Baru - Asam Pedas & Masak Lemak Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:55 PM Rating: 5

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