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#EAT@KlangValley - Street Churros at Berjaya Times Square – What is the Verdict

I still remember my first time ever taste Churros was last year in Universal Studio Japan. I was really hungry that time and limited choice of foods plus it was very cold. I fall in love with Churros since then. I was really excited when I knew that StreetChurros is available at the LG of Berjaya Times Square. It took me no time to try all the item they are offering. Just for your info, StreetChurros is started in Korea.

StreetChurros is a small shop, you can enjoy your Churros at the shop as they have a few tables for you. But the concept of their shop is more a Take-Out Café. They have an open kitchen where you can see how the Churros been made. It such an interesting machineries involved and looks modern and futuristic. They only have one order and one pick up counter, and you will get your order as fast as less than a minutes depends on your order.

There are 3 choices of Churros, which are powder dusted with Cinnamon, Chocolate and Cheese. It will cost RM4.90. I love the most is Cinnamon, follow by Chocolate and Cheese.  Complete your Churros experience with dipping sauce, there are 4 choices of dipping sauce (RM1.50) to choose which are Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Butterscotch and Blueberry .  For my Cinnamon Churros, Butterscotch dipping sauce is a perfect combination.

If you always on the go, and think that Churros with dipping sauce was too complicated and a little bit messy, I suggest you to go with Filling Churros (RM7.90). There are 3 choices of filling Churros which are Chocolate, Custard and Cream Cheese.  The shape of Filling Churros is straight and different with plain Churros. I like the Custard Filling Churros as it is not that sweet and yet it still can’t stop you from finish it. Do not worry about the filling as it is not that melty and will not get messy. The Chocolate Filling Churros is full with chocolate essence and good for chocolate lover.

If want to something fresh, you should order Ice-Cream Churros (RM8.90). They have 3 flavours of ice cream, which are Mango, Choco Choco and Choco Berry. I love Choco Berry so much as the Berry complete the flavours for the whole package. Actually, you can dip Churros with the ice-cream. 

StreetChurros also offer you a variety of drinks such as Shakes, Latte or Fruit Ades. For the Shakes (RM9.90), there are two choices, which are O’My Mango and O’My Coconut. If you ask me, I prefer O’My Coconut. It just so refreshing and yummy.


Fruit Ade (RM7.90) also good here. There are lemon, passionfruit and Korean citron to choose from. These Fruit Ade can make your thirst gone in a second, plus it is very healthy drinks. I tried all three Fruit Ades, and my favourite is Passion Fruit!


For coffee lover, good news for you guys as StreetChurros also offer Latte (Hot RM8.90, Cold RM9.90), they have Caramel Macchiato and Spanish Latte. I had tried their Iced Caramel Macchiato, it was quite good and the price is not bad is compared with other coffee shop. And you do not want coffee, they also offer 3 choices of non-coffee latte which are Chocolate, Green Tea and Milk Tea. Their Milk Tea is a must have!

Currently, StreetChurros has 4 branches around Malaysia which are at:
-One Utama
-Berjaya Times Square
- IOI City Mall
-Sky Avenue


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