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Take Away Special Steamboat Package from AK Noodles House

Good news for a steamboat lovers, you can have a Take Away Special Steamboat Packages at the AK Noodles House. This is really convenience for your incoming Chinese New Year for your reunion dinner with your family at home.

Mytravellicious is one of the lucky person to taste the menu of this special steamboat packages. All I can say is, it is really good, really high quality of menu and worth to buy. Like I say before, it is for Take Away only.

There are 2 packages available for Steamboat Special take-away at AK Noodles House. You can choose to have Steamboat package for 5 persons at RM149.90 (Plus GST at RM158.90 nett) or 8 persons at RM239.90 (Plus GST at RM254.30 nett) for all the fresh ingredients as above. 

Customers can also choose to have Vacuum Packaging or Seal Packaging for the Steamboat Special to maintain its freshness of the ingredient.

Currently there are 6 outlets of AK Noodles House around Malaysia, which are:
- One Utama Mall, Damansara
- Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya
- Main Palace Mall, Subang
- Evolve Concept Mall, Petaling Jaya
- Damansara City, KL
- City Square, Johor Bahru 

AK Noodles house was established by Ah Koong Restaurant, which has been serving its signature fishballs since 1987.  Using only high quality ingredients and delivering first-class customer service, AK Noodles’s fish products are made daily using the freshest Wolf-herring and Yellowtail fish under strict hygiene standards. 

AK Noodles house crispy fishcake is another signature product which is well-loved by customers; deep fried until golden brown with crispy skin on the outside and a chewy texture inside. Every bite is full of crispiness and a wonderful chewy sensation. 

On top of springy fishballs and crispy fishcakes, they also serve a wide array of fish products and seafood for customers to mix & match and create their own dish.  Over the years, AK Noodles’s authentic fishballs noodles have attracted a large group of customers and have built a strong reputation. 


For more info, visit AK Noodles House:

Take Away Special Steamboat Package from AK Noodles House Reviewed by mytravellicious on 4:28 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow! Looks like a feast! My family will absolutely love this! Hope to visit this in the future.

    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  2. Nice meeting you on that day. I love their steamboat too.

  3. Takeaway steamboat packages is really great. Solves the headache of figuring what to buy, etc. However, I still prefer to have my food cooked and served. HAHAHA

  4. Wow! Got takeaway steamboat packages somemore.. This is good!

  5. How nice :) I didn't know that you could have steamboat takeaway packages too- absolutely love the idea.

  6. If this place is near us this will definitely be our favorite noodle house to go to specially my kids who loves this kind of meal. I like how my kids are adventurous when it comes to food. Opening up their palate to different kinds is like going to that certain place that represents the dish.

  7. This is so convenient for CNY reunion dinner or celebration at home.

  8. Tried AK Noodle and love the fishballs!!

  9. Wow nice! I love steamboat and this is a great idea since can take away. perfect for the coming Chinese New Year celebration.

  10. I love the prawns. Any way, is the noodle halal?

  11. Takeaway steamboat packages is really great. great for big family gathering..


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