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Travel Recommends - Review of Pocket Wifi When I Traveled in Vietnam

Last month, I had traveled around Vietnam for 9 days. My traveling objective were just want to relax, concentrate with my blog, and writing my travel articles for some publication.

In 9 days, I had spent my days in Saigon (it was my 3rd time in here), Hanoi (my 2nd time) and the place I love the most, Sapa. Sapa is really magical places with surrounded by mountain and paddy terraces. As I brought along my heavy 15inch laptop, WiFi is a must for me. Luckily I had pocket wifi from Travel Recommends which I use for 24 hours for my mobile phone and my laptop. 

As Sapa is located up on the higher ground, the Wifi connection is working perfectly. I had a good time completing my articles with sipping a Vietnamese coffee, in a chill weather, and all the amazing green views surround me plus a fast wifi connection.

As many questioned, why use pocket wifi? You can use your mobile phone as hotspot. My answer is, I do not want to waste any battery of my phone. Using a hotspot in your mobile will make your mobile hotter. Even though you have power bank, you still do not want to continuously charging your phone as you using the hotspot. Plus, I really need my phone in a satisfying battery power level as I need to use WAZE to guide me around.

 It come with 2 international adapter, 1 pocket wifi, 1 power bank, 2 cables and 1 zip bag.

How Fast the Pocket Wifi? [My rating 90/100]
I was quiet impressed with the connection of this pocket WiFi. 30-40mbps around the city, simple 10mpbs at Sapa. I used the to test the connection. Amazingly satisfying.

Data Limit? [My rating 60/100]
It was mentioned that data limit is 1GB per day for Vietnam. As I know that I had used more than 1GB per day, the connection was never slow. But as per mention 1GB, is too small and not reliable for this century, hopefully they will look into this and improve.

How many devices can connect to the pocket Wifi? [My rating 80/100]
As I only connected to 2 devices (my phone and laptop), it was mentioned that you can connect up to 5 devices. So it is really handy when you travel in group. But remember, its only for 1GB!.

How much is it? [My rating 50/100]
I have my own reason why I gave very low ratings. You can rent this pocket Wifi to Vietnam for RM19 per day. That is mean for 9 days it will be become RM171 in total. Cheap or expensive? If you arrived in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi Airport, you can get a data simcard for 150,000 VND (RM30) only without any additional topup, and with unlimited data. This is for Vietnam. But the price of pocket Wifi is different in any country. You can check their website. For some countries, to rent out the pocket Wifi from Travel Recommend is recommended and more cheaper.

Pickup and rental? [My rating 80/100]
The counters are available in KLIA and KLIA2. In KLIA, you can find the counter at the arrival hall, and in KLIA2, the counter is sharing with the Container Cube Hotel. You can book the pocket wifi through their website. Or if you did not book your pocket Wifi, you can try your luck at the counter for walk-in rent out. As my experience, it always available. You can pay online when you book, or you can pay when you pick-up the devices. Deposit RM200 is required and when returned to you after a few days you returned the device.

SAPA, Vietnam - Magical place where surrounds by mountain, paddy terraces and a river.

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Travel Recommends - Review of Pocket Wifi When I Traveled in Vietnam Reviewed by mytravellicious on 11:43 PM Rating: 5


  1. I too think that 1GB per day is insufficient especially for heavy users of social media and bloggers. Even for those who depend heavily on online maps.

  2. great info for me, if I go travel.
    still wanna plan vacation for next yr but no fun plan alone.

  3. I think I will also need this pocket wifi, but if in vietnam,where you can get a data simcard for RM30, maybe will think twice. But definitely it will save a lot in other countries !

  4. I heard that this pocket travel price is varies on where we want to go, but on the price range, still have to compare to the simcard data. I think, if you'll with maybe as a group, this pocket wifi is worth the value.

  5. Hmm, RM19 per day perhaps a bit expensive, but if anyone can connect to this wifi, then that's worth! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This really seems not bad to have for travelers. Really should check this out since I might need this to survive xD

  7. this is perfect for those who want to maintain connectivity no matter where they are!

  8. i used this when i was in singapore and it was perfect with unlimited data and high speed for everywhere i was...

  9. Thanks for your thorough review! I guess it's really depends on the country, I do like the portability especially when using laptop though

  10. Heck,i think i even need this for my office...lols...

  11. It seem a good coverage. Will consider for next year Japan trip.

  12. Wow! this looks awesome. I ll surely consider this for my next travel.

  13. 1GB only? That is too little for this century,as you have mentioned.
    But thanks for the heads up, will certainly use the pocket wifi as we really need out handphone to be ever ready for WAZE and picture taking purposes.

  14. This is for rental? I thought u bought it. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh wow! That reminds me of my Korea experience where I we had a similar wifi egg to carry around! The connectivity is awesome just that the data limit is so small :( But having wifi is better than not having anything so I will say it's one of the best invention & traveling companion thus far ;)

    xx Aldora

  16. i only planning to go for 4 days. so i dun think i need this pocket wifi.
    the sim card in vietnam is only rm30? i think now the price should be higher.

  17. i heard the telco c is having double data for international roaming until end of tis month,
    maybe the price will be cheaper than use wifi pocket since this wifi pocket hv to pay deposit of rm200.

  18. I feel pocket wifi are a real troublesome thing.. need to bring an extra heavy device and also have to have a PB to standby to charge it. Not sure is it just me or anyone else.

  19. I feel pocket wifi are a real troublesome thing.. need to bring an extra heavy device and also have to have a PB to standby to charge it. Not sure is it just me or anyone else.

  20. coverage is one thing. What ill recommend to do is get our service provider collaborate with the country you plan to visit have any with that country service provider also. so we can directly use it.

  21. Having it does help abit. but having to carry around a powerbank is also a huge problem. And extra weight. imagine you have to charge your phone and also charge the wifi pocket at the same time. real problems.


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