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Where to stay in Hanoi near Old Quarter - GA Hostel with Kitchenette Muslim Friendly

In you are planning to go to Hanoi, of course Old Quarter is the best place to stay plus it is a backpackers heaven. From a cheap street foods, massage, tour agent company, shopping, nightlife and everything you can find in Old Quarter.

Most of the attraction also located in here. You can easily spend your night enjoying street food and looking at the people walking on the street. It is really pack area. Just be careful with your belonging. But I can say, here is more safe rather than Ho Chi Minh city where the sellers more aggressive at the South.

In Old Quarter, you can choose a lot of hostel, most of them is really cheap and good. It is depends on you now whether you want party hostel or else.

For me, as a solo Muslim traveler, I am looking for a hostel that provide kitchenette as I brought the instant food all the way from Malaysia, as I know Halal foods in Hanoi are rather expensive and limited.

And I had found the best hostel in Old Quarter to fulfill my criteria. It is called GA Hostel.

 Variety of breakfast been served

Variety of breakfast been served

GA Hostel is located in the Old Quarter. But the best thing is, this hostel located at the very quite alley. So it is really quite at night even though Old Quarter is very busy area.

As it is located in Old Quarter, you can get easily and cheap from the airport. When I say cheap, I mean in. From NocBai airport Terminal 1 (domestic), take public bus No.17 outside the airport. Ticket only 9000VND(RM1.80), stop at last station (Long Bien Station) and you can walk for 1km to this hostel (with google map help).

Dorm room

The room is really spacious and comfortable. The beds are really tough and not easily shaking when someone going at the the upper bed. Every bed has its own light and socket. Last time I stayed in the dorm where have 2 shower rooms in the room and 1 toilet outside.

Dorm room, mixed or girls dorm, you can get one bed for 6USD per night.
 GA Hostel from a corner

There are 2 receptionist, Phoebe and Brian. Both are fluent in English and very helpful too. There is one cleaner who really good at her job. She worked every morning to make sure the room is in good condition.

Phoebe, the receptionist

Even though the common area is small, but I love it. I always spending my time with my laptop at the common area. I think it is the best area rather than spending in the restaurant. There is guitar, board games, television and PS3 for you to spend your time.

Myself working with my blog at the GA Hostel common room

Having a Halal food is Hanoi is really hard and expensive. The cheapest food you can get is at Zaynab Restaurant (Next to the mosque) around RM14 per meal. For now, to save budget, you can cook your own meal confidently in Ga Hostel. For MUSLIM, they have prepare special Frying Pan, Bowl, Plate, Spoon and Fork just for you!! Just ask about this when you are checking in. So do not forget bring your MAGGI or Brahim.... But, if you have any extra foods, do not forget to leave some food in the muslim food locker for any traveler in the future ya~

I can cooked easily as using special utensil for Muslim use.

Special utensil only for Muslim use

 I love their Wifi, really fast!

Despite the location at small alley in old quarter, it is very safe as only the alley lived by the local family. Outside the hostel, the have the CCTV to monitor. And the counter is open 24 hours.

 There are 2 shower rooms inside my dorm room

The toilet

Overall Rate 85/100
I would love to comeback as the have really good kitchenette and I always like small hostels where you can get to know many traveler.

Make a reservation & Check the rate
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GA Hostel
50 Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
+84 4 3266 9450

Where to stay in Hanoi near Old Quarter - GA Hostel with Kitchenette Muslim Friendly Reviewed by mytravellicious on 5:21 PM Rating: 5


  1. what a cool place to stay. thanks for recommending it

  2. sedap nya menu.... tempat pun nyaman. Muslim friendly

  3. What a clean. homey place this is. I am not Muslim but don't mind it being Muslim friendly. Thanks for recommending.

  4. Nice hostel! I miss Hanoi...especially exploring the Old Quarter

  5. Wow what a nice looking hostel, I will check this out when I go there in the future.

  6. it does look like a safe place to stay in..but the toilets are bugging me a lil bit. >.< nevertheless this all adds up to once in a lifetime experience...

  7. Perfect for a quick travel, or a road traveler. The place is neat and clean so worth it.

  8. this look like a great place to stay.... i will definitely check it out when i am in Hanoi

  9. Wow, this place look like the hostel I backpacked at Bangkok! Wish to travel there one day :D

  10. the hostel look decent. reminds me of YMCA in London back then

  11. The place looks clean and neat. Will keep in mind when I visit Hanoi.

  12. Went to Hanoi once, I like the culture there, will visit the country again :)

  13. Really nice hostel and space you have at this Ga Hostel! I love hostel that provide free space kitchen where you can cook and save a lot during trip too =D


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