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#FlightReview - Malindo Air Inaugural Flight to Hanoi OD572

I was invited by Malindo Air to experience the inaugural flight to Hanoi on the 1st September 2016. As my travel schedule was free on that date, I say yes to join their program in Hanoi with other medias representative, I was one of the 2 bloggers chosen, others were from newspaper reporter and travel magazines writer. This was my first inaugural flight ever. On the previous month, I had flown more than 10 flights with Malindo Air from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur and vice versa because they had a Merdeka sales and their flight was the cheapest which was including the luggage and even I bought last minutes, I still can get cheap flight, below RM100.

For whoever did not know yet, Malindo Air is not a budget airlines airlines anymore. They are more like hybrid for now and will be becoming fully premium airlines in the future. The price are includes the 30kg checked-in luggage, hot meal (international flight), light meal (domestic flight), and entertainment on board. Before this, for the flight Kuching-KL/vice versa, you can buy a hot meal as per your choice, but now no more, you will served with some light snack and drinks as you preferred.Even though this was an inaugural flight, I was surprised there were around 60 passengers inside the flight bound to Hanoi. This was a good sign for Malindo Air because usually an inaugural flight, the number of passengers will be lesser as they had limited time to promote the route. And the first flight from Hanoi-Kuala Lumpur on the same day, I was told it was almost full flight.

Details of the flight
Flight code: OD 572
Date: 01 September 2016
Depart from Kuala Lumpur: 0915hrs (GMT +8)
Arriving Hanoi: 1125hrs (GMT +7)
Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 737 800
Seat No: 10A

I had no problem with the check-in counter. The check-in was smooth and in-charge by the Malaysian Airport staff.

The boarding process was smooth where the business class and the parents with children been invited to board the aircraft first, then followed by remaining passenger.

Everytime I flew, I love to choose the window seat. I love the wing view as I am the wing view photo collectors. Malindo Air is the most spacious legroom in Malaysia (I do not joke), even in the economy class. Their seat pitch is 32", Malaysia Airlines is 30" and Air Asia is 28". Every seat you will be provide with pillow and blanket for your conviniences.

Flight Entertainment
In Malindo Air, you will not worry about you will be troll by using the old aircraft without flight entertainment like certain airlines. All their Boeing's flight will complete with flight entertainment even you fly to Kuching or Kinabalu. There are a lot of  movies, TV Series, games that you can choose from to fulfill your free time on the flight.

As I am frequent flyer of Malindo Air. I am not surprise of the beauty of their flight attendant. I love their Kebaya uniform match with their purple batik sarong. They are quite elegant, very kind and at their own class. I will not surprise if they will grab the Best Crew award in the future.

Inflight Meal
For the international flight, you will get free inflight meal. Surprisingly, on this flight, there were 3 meals to choose from: Chicken with plain rice, Chicken Macaroni and Phrata with Dhal. I chose Chicken Macaroni, it was a good meal as for my breakfast.

My Flight Journey 
I can say it was a smooth journey, smooth take off and landing as I was experience worst during my previous flight.

Special of Inaugural Flight
In the aviation industry, as a welcome to the aircraft for their first time landed at the airport, theere will be "Water Salute" by the fire-fighting vehicles.  This was very special occasion and a historical day for Malindo Air.

For bookings and enquires, visit www.malindoair.com, write in to Customer Care Centre at customer_care@malindoair.com or call +603-78415388 from 7am to 11pm daily.

For purchases through mobile phones, use mobile.malindoair.com or download the Malindo Air App on google Play and App Store.

Connect with Malindo Air on virtual space via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Malindo Air Schedule Flight Between Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi

KUL-HAN     OD571    ETD:0915       ETA:1125 DAILY
HAN-KUL     OD572    ETD:1215       ETA:1635 DAILY
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  2. Seat Malindo memang selesa. Selalu juak pulang Kuching?

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