12 June 2016

Where to Eat? - Kota Kinabalu - NOOK Cafe, Simple and Cozy

When I had a few hours left to spend time in KK City, I tried to spend my time with cafe hopping. And finally I found NOOK Cafe.

It just a small cafe but environment inside is quite cozy, calm and relax. The best part they have 2 floors of cafe, well not really 2 floor, kind of 1 and half to be exact.

Their staffs quite friendly and try to start a conversation with me. So, I do not felt like a stranger here because I was alone, and the cafe is quite small.

It situated quite near in the center of KK City. The location is walk able and you do need to worry whether you have a transportation of not.

Lot No. 10281, No. 8, Ground Floor,
Lorong Dewan,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,


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