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Where to Eat? - Kuala Lumpur - Dolly Dim Sum, Nu Sentral - Halal Dim Sum!


I am admit that I am crazy about dimsum. When I was around NU Sentral, KL, I was searching for a place to eat before I went to cinema.

Like always, I used Foursquare (you might think nobody use Foursquare anymore) to find good place to have dinner. And then Dolly Dim Sum came out. I was prepared for the overcharge dish but I was decided to treat myself.

Dolly Dim Sum have many branches around Malaysia. One of it, in Nu Sentral just opened up. This might sound pathetic, but I came alone here.

The restaurant itself is a pork free restaurant which serving halal menu. Which mean, it is happy news for Muslim out there. Halal dim sum is quiet challenging in making. They need to find substitute ingredients which is HALAL to make it work!

Once I in front of the restaurant, I was greeted by one of the customer. I told her I was alone and she led me to the table. She put me at the table in the middle. It felt a little bit awkward because I was alone. But who cares, nobody knows me here.

I love the interior design of the restaurant. It was cozy and you felt relax and comfortable.
I was realized that most of the staff are Kabayan (Philippinos). There was no menu. All you need to do is to fill the order form. I was had a hard time to know what I should ordered as I am not really familiar with some dish name. But thanks to Mr Google anyway. Once you filled the order form, then you give it to the waiter/waitress.

Anyway, all the staffs here using the handfree radio transmission in their ear like a spy. So their services quiet excellent. Plus, most of them are good looking.

Anyway, what had I ordered for myself? Let see, I ordered Ice Lemon Tea (RM8), Siew Mai (RM8.80), Prawn Cheong Fun (RM11.80) and Royal Golden Fried Rice (RM24.20). Fuh, I was so full.

I had no problem with all the menu except for Royal Golden Fried Rice. I think the fried rice is nothing royal about it which worth RM24. Maybe if I cooked fried rice, it will more delicious. It only became “Royal Golden” when they put some amount of Fish Roe on top the rice. Ohw, on top of Siew Mai they also put it some fish roe.

Siew Mai (RM8.80)

Royal Golden Fried Rice (RM24.20)

Prawn Cheong Fun (RM11.80

LG.43 NU Sentral No. Sambathan, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact No:+60 3-2273 1450
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