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Where to Eat? - Koh Pangan - Halal Food Guide at Koh Pangan, Thailand

I had spent almost 1 week on this crazy island. For real, this was my 2nd time in here and it is still awesome place to chill. Forget about those crazy party, let us focused on the HALAL food. Finding HALAL food in Koh Pangan is not that easy like Krabi or Hat Yai or Surat Thani town itself. This is because the Muslim in this island is really minority.
To get HALAL food easily, first you must have your own transport. You can spent around 150baht to 200baht per day for motorcycle rental. All the motorcycle is auto. But to rent a motorcycle, most probably you need to submit your passport and they will hold your passport until you return the vehicle. But be extra careful, there are some case that the company will claim the motorcycle was damaged by you and they will ask you compensation, if you not pay the damage you will not get your passport. My recommendation, rent the bike through your hotel/hostel
If you think to get HALAL food around the mosque, you are wrong. I had been there to the mosque. 1st, I am quite shocked with the mosque condition. 2nd, there were no HALAL food shop around the perimeter of the mosque.
Bhan Tai area Map, you can see there showing "Mosque"

At this junction, you can find Koh Pangan map showing Mosque and where you are now, took the right road less than 1 minute, the mosque is in your left

Where you can find the mosque? Actually, I had passed by the mosque few times without I realize that is the mosque I was looking about. It is situated next to the road of Ban Thaai to Had Rin. Assume you start from the Big C, go straight until you passed 2 units of 7 eleven (1 at the petrol station, and 1 more near the Jungle Party junction), then straight more there will 2 roads (on the left, to the Sramanora Waterfall Party, and you can find Map signboard, then right road will go to Ban Thai). Choose the Ban Thai road, and around 30 second on your left, there is a Mosque!
The mosque in Koh Pangan

Back to the main topic, where can you get Halal Restaurant in this Full Moon Party Island, Koh Pangan?

1.    MAKANAN HALAL – Makanan Halal is actually Malay translation for “Halal Food”. I called this shop this name because it is the only sign I understand. Location in Ban Tai, to find this shop, assume you drive from Makro to the Big C, after 30 second you passed by Big C, on your left is where this restaurant located. They also provided prayer room. Last time, I just came back from party then went to this shop, and this time also they played the Al-Quran reading voice, can you imagine how guilty I am? Their price is affordable, most of the menu around 50baht.

At MAKANAN HALAL, Shrimp Paste Fried Rice, 50 baht


At MAKANAN HALAL, Chicken Pad Thai, 50 baht

Chicken Ginger with Rice, 50 baht
2.    FRIED CHICKEN SHOP BAN TAI – No, this is not this shop called, the name is in Thai which I can’t read. Its selling fried chicken, like wings and boneless chicken. Yummy!! I had passed-by this shop few times before I found the HALAL symbol. I was very excited and bought a few chicken for my picnic at the beach. Situated also in Ban Tai, it is between MAKRO and BIG C, on your left. Just carefully observed each shop you might missed it.
Fried Chicken Shop Baan Thai, between Makro and Big C

3.    MATEO Restaurant – This restaurant called Mateo, and its situated at the beach front and the wind here is so refreshing. The price at this shop a little bit higher. The restaurants actually a wooden house. To find this restaurant a little bit tricky. This restaurant is situated at the kite surfing area. I assumed you already found the mosque (read above introduction), the mosque on your left, keep driving straight. Less than 5 minutes, on your left you see signboard of “SARONG CAFÉ & Guesthouse, Bar & Restaurant”, then 2 second from there, stop, look at your right, there will be a sign “MUSLIM RESTURANT” or Kite surfing. Turn to that road, at the end of the road, park your vehicle, the restaurant is the 1st shop you will encounter.
5 minutes from Mosque, on your left, you will passed Sarong & Cafe

Less than 10 second after Sarong & Cafe, at your right, there will be junction with a lot of signboard. Turn right into this junction.

MATEO Restaurant, at the beachfront

White Tom Yam, popular dishes in Thai

4.    THONG SALA area – At Thong Sala, you can go to the PANTIP market every night. There are various foods you can find over there. There 1 HALAL fried chicken shop there, how to recognize, look up at their stall roof, the Muslim shop they have Al-Quran written around their stall, and no, they not wearing Hijab. Others, there are HALAL KEBAB, actually 2 of it. There is also Vegetarian Food Stall. I love the sushi stall which all sushi is only 10baht. Only seafood sushi are here, no meat involved. I also asked them about is there any mix of alcohol, they said no. So, if you confident, you can try the sushi if not no need. 1 more thing you can eat is a Mango Sticky Rice. Yummy!

Sticky Mango Rice, do not choose the blue, the taste is weird

Halal Kebab

Pantip Market, at Thong Sala

10 baht each sushi

Fried Chicken, this one is not HALAL. HALAL fried chicken shop is in front of this stall.

5.    THAI PANCAKE – Who doesn't love these pancake?? Where the bananas and nutella mixed together as the topping. 1 word: Heaven! .You can get Thai Pancake in front of BIG C in Ban Thai. There are 2 Muslims shop over there, 1 for pancake and 1 for the juices.

6.    7 Eleven – At some shop, you can find Halal Instant noodle. Just check carefully and 1 by 1, the HALAL sign at each product is really obvious.

If you have any shop you can find in Koh Pangan, you can comment ya so we can help our Muslim friends!
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  1. lots of interesting halal food to look for at koh pangan :D

  2. Hi.. do u think its safe to bring our own car from msia to koh phangan?

    1. car might not safe coz it is heavy

    2. The last trip ferry we cruise at 6pm bring many construction truck. Some carry stones, steel bars, woods cements & many more.
      I rode motorcycle to the island.

  3. Hi.. do u think its safe to bring our own car from msia to koh phangan?

  4. Jazakallah khair for this, when we went there in 2014 there was no halal restaurant information on google and I thought it would be hard to find somewhere. Thankfully we found Makanan halal closeby to our hotel. Brilliant food

  5. Hi brothers I’m traveling with my son to Koh Phangan .so you think it’s easy to pray jumuha and eat halal food??

  6. I travel with van. Park at the Donsak Pier to get a ferry to Koh Phangan.


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