31 March 2015

How To Use Tanaka Powder Like Burmese? + VLOG

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Bagaimana Hendak Menggunakan Bedak Thanaka seperti orang Myanmar?
How To Use Thanaka Powder Like Burmese?

Bulan lepas, sempat menjelejah Myanmar selama 8 hari. Apa yang dapat diperhatikan adalah kebanyakan orang Myanmar suka menggunakan bedak Thanaka (bedak yang diletakkan di muka dan kulit tangan yang berwarna putih). Rata-rata diperhatikan memang menggunakan bedak Thanaka ini termasuklah semasa mereka “dating”.
Last month, I had travelled around Myanmar for 8 days. What can I observed was most of the Burmese like to use Thanaka Powder (White powder they put it on their face and hand). Most of them using this powder even when they are on the date.

Sewaktu di Mandalay, aku sempat membuat satu video bagaimana hendak menggunakan bedak Thanaka ini tetapi tidak menjadi sangat sebab aku tidak mengasah kayu tersebut dengan banyak. Ala kadar sahaja dan tak sangka ianya agak sukar.
When I was in Mandalay, I made 1 video which showing how to use the Thanaka powder and applied to your skin but its turn out bad because I did not grinding the wood very well. I did not expect it was that hard.

Jika anda ke Myanmar nanti, untuk menjadi seakan local, jangan lupa guna bedak Thanaka ini. Tahukah anda bahawa Nora Danish berasal dari Myanmar dan dia juga mengamalkan bedak Thanaka? So, tidakkah anda mahu secantik kak Nora?
When you going to Myanmar, and want to look like local, don’t forget to use this Thanaka Powder. Do you know that Nora Danish(Malaysian Celebrity) is from Myanmar and she is also using the Thanaka Powder? Don’t you want to be pretty like her?


Kayu Tanaka ini sememangnya sudah terkenal sejak dahulu lagi di kalangan masyarakat luar. Ianya dipercayai boleh digunakan untuk tujuan melembutkan dan mencerahkan kulit muka.
Actually, Thanaka wood is already famous long time ago among the outsider. It is believe can soft and lighten the face skin.


Pada suatu masa dahulu, kayu Tanaka ini digunakan oleh golongan kerabat diraja disana untuk mencantikkan kulit. Dipercayai kayu Tanaka ini berfungsi untuk melindungi kulit daripada pancaran matahari yang terik. Ia juga dapat menyejukkan, menyerap lebihan minyak dan menyerap peluh.
Once upon a time, Thanaka wood had been used by the royal family for the skin beauty purposes. They believe the wood can protect the skin from the sun, cooling the skin, absorb the excess oil and sweat.

10 March 2015

Suzie's Guesthouse, Kuala Lumpur - Hostel Review

I was in KL for 3 days and decided to stay at the Suzie's Guesthouse because they got some good rating everywhere online. Here I will gave some reviews about this hostel.

Place: Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date of Stay: 20-23 Feb 2015 (3 days) 
Price: RM30 (Agoda) per night for 6 beds mix room
Address: 179, Jalan Tun H S Lee, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603-20322821


I love the location. I think it's only 5 minutes away from the Pasar Seni Station. In front of the hostel there are 7-11. It is the same road with Reggae Bar and the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, and 3 minutes walk to Petaling Street.


There are 3 staffs basically. 2 guy from Bangladesh and 1 woman from Philippines. 1 guy is very friendly, and the 2nd guy barely talk and a little bit unfriendly. When I came to the hostel, even I press the bell, he did not open the door until I call the hostel. It is weird, because he told me he did not hear the bell event hough he was at the counter the whole time. Another thing is the staff will slept in your room or whenever there are empty bed. Wicked?


I love the environment here. Because of the guest will hang out at the long table, so you can socializing and get to know new friends.


The kitchen is at the centre and actually the main place to socializing. The have a microwave which is good, also the fridge (you need to put your name on your food). The breakfast is pretty basic, with the bread and various type of fruit jam / peanuts / butter. Coffee / Hot Tea / Water you can get it all the time you want as long as you wash your own mug.


No window and it is quite moody. The plug extension available in the room. And everyone got their own light. The room a little bit cramped you if you had nothing valuable, you can just put your bag outside. The room have AC and it is quite cold and it will stop during the day, that is why your room door will always open during the day.


The Wi-Fi quite fast. They have 2 PCs available but only 1 work perfectly. 1 person only got 20 minutes for the PC if there anyone else waiting, if not, its all yours. The have LCD TV. The AC at the lobby quite cold at the middle of the night. The bathrooms clean, there are 4 bathrooms available. Hot shower, hair dryer also available.


To enter the hostel, you need the password at the door. They also having a CCTV. The small locker also been provided. But they keep letting salesperson enter the facility to promote something. Also they let the non-guest (friend with guest) to hang out at the lobby.


In this area, there are 4 popular hostel. Many peoples based on my observation staying at Raizzy's Guesthouse (Just next to this hostel). But if you are looking not so pack of people and to stay relax for a while, I recommend this place. The price is a little bit higher if you compare to other hostel around.


Agoda: 8.1/10.0
Hostelbookers: 88%
Hostelworld: 88%
TripAdvisor: Rank #14 out of #161