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Feb-Mar 2015 Overall Flight Tickets Price

My flight Dubai-Istanbul using Emirates, somewhere near Isfahan, Turkey

As some of you aware, I just completed my traveling through 5 countries, using 17 flights and 7 different airlines. Can you imagine that I need to to check in, security checks, immigration for 17 times. Flying during the worst period of aviation industry is not that really enjoyable. On my last 3 days traveling, the world had been shocked with the sad news, the crash of GermanWing, you can imagine how I feel because 4 more flights were waiting for me.

Some of the tickets I bought 6 months earlier, and some of it I need to buy 1 day before as my plan changes from time to time. People keep asking me, how to get cheap flight ticket? My answer is simple. Be patient and not giving up checking the price everyday. And use the magic app/website which called SkyScanner!

If you living in Peninsular Malaysia, the overall flight tickets will be cheaper as I need to fly from Kuching, Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur everytime I start my travel. If you can see there, after Myanmar, I fly back to Kuching for 2 days because I need to repack my backpack with winter clothes

Kuching-Kuala Lumpur  = Malindo Air    = RM 91 (Last minute, 1 day before)
Kuala Lumpur-Yangon = Myanmar Airways International  = RM399.85 (a)
Yangon-Kuala Lumpur = Myanmar Airways International  = (a)
Kuala Lumpur- Krabi = Air Asia(+20kg luggage add-on) = RM 126
Krabi-Kuala Lumpur = Malaysia Airlines = RM 210 (Last minute, 1 day before)
Kuala Lumpur-Kuching =  Malindo Air = RM 126 (Last minute, 1 day before)
Kuching-Singapore = Air Asia (+20kg luggage add-on) = RM 151
Singapore-Kuala Lumpur = Jet Star = RM 1600 (b)
Kuala Lumpur-Dubai = Emirates = (b)
Dubai-Istanbul = Emirates = (b)
Istanbul-Athens = Pegasus = RM 390 (c)
Athens-Istanbul = Pegasus  = (c)
Istanbul-Izmir = Pegasus  = RM 90
Keyseri-Istanbul = Pegasus = RM 90
Istanbul-Dubai = Emirates = (b)
Dubai-Kuala Lumpur = Emirates = (b)
Kuala Lumpur-Kuching = Air Asia(+20kg luggage add-on) = RM 241 (Last minute, 1 day before)

Overall: RM3514.85 for 5 countries, 17 flight, 7 differents airlines, 1 month traveling

So, I did not recommended to buy last minute flight ticket, but proper planning will reduce the cost. 

Until then, keep traveling guys!
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