07 December 2014

Travel Video: 4 days In Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Hey guys, before I posting my journey to Puerto Princesa, lets take a look at my sneak-peek travel video what had I experiences from my backpacking journey for 4 days.  

I really want to go to El Nido, because of time constrain plus unexpected company and event in Puerto Princesa, maybe next time I will be. I still not get enough with Palawan. It is super beautiful. Ohw, plus I unexpectedly encountered with Baragatan Festival.

Enjoy with my travel video, for the best quality, please view in in HD. FYI, I really love the background song. It really give me the "excited-traveler" feeling whenever I listened to this song.

Summary what happened in Puerto Princesa
-Firefly Watching
-Honda Bay Island Hopping
-Undergound River Subteraanian River - 7 New Wonder Nature of The World
-Sabang Zipline
-Baragatan Festival
-Of course nightlife at Tiki Bar


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