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Dream Trip to Macau

I had been to Macau but unfortunately it was only 8 hours because of my tight travel schedule, budget and not forgot that I was woke up very late on that day until I missed out the the first ferry.

During 8 hours in Macau, I was like in my fantasyland because Macau is so wonderful and the environment is so energetic for me. Yes!


mytravellicious.com: "Homaigad!, I really want this" at the Fortress Armourial Gate with Macau View

When I read about Dream Trip to Macau from Nuffnang Malaysia, I was like "Homaigaddd... I really want this". I really want to repeat Macau as I fall in love during my last visit. Thank you to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia for this opportunity and giving chances to all Nuffnangers to win this all-expenses paid trip to Macau. It might be me, the lucky 3!

mytravellicious.com: Let see what are the 4 reasons.. Fortress Armourial Gate with Macau View.

I am giving 4 reasons why I want this dream trip badly, this based on my last trip in Macau.


1. House of the Dancing Water

Image from http://thehouseofdancingwater.com/

Everyone talking about this show. The most extravaganza at all times. I am dying to watch this show. Let me tell you guys that I had a few list of show around the world that I need to watch, and this one is definitely on my top list. Last time, I did not get the chances to watch the show as I said before because of my tight budget and schedule.


2. Wynn Performance Lake

Images from http://www.wynnmacau.com/en/entertainment/performancelake.html
When I watched this last time, I definitely wanted to stay and watch for every show. But, I only watched only one show. It was so wonderful and powerful. With the awesome music and let not forget the fireworks. Phweee....


3. Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

I always love tower. The idea taking the photo for the whole Macau is the best. Lets say this tower is number 10 for the tallest tower in world. Hopefully I have this opportunity to visit this tower. There is bungee jump here. Am I adventurous enough to do the jump? Lets see.....


4. Halal food guide

I want to cover all the Halal foods that we can get in Macau. This is because there are many Malaysian going to Macau as we have many direct fly here. Most of the Malaysian, there are muslim and through this guide, hopefully it can make easier for finding the Halal food.
Hey, let me guide you for HALAL food around Macau... Soon..!

Lets say if I am the choosen one, you can check out my social media full coverage at my:

Instagram: @mytravellicious
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Once again, thank you to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia for this opportunity.

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  1. Good luck bro! Semoga menang dan dapat pergi Macau.

    1. thanks youuu.... hopefully dapat pegi for da 2nd time

  2. wahh...you have been there before..nice! All the best ya!


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