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Horseback Battle Show + VLOG

Travel VLOG: Horseback Battle Show, Shenzhen, China
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In Shenzhen, I got a chance to visit one of the main attraction there which is "Splendid China" park. Splendid China Park is like cultural village park plus world famous architecture miniatures. Inside this park, one of their top show is Horseback Battle Show. It was happened at the Horseback Battle field, to tell the truth, this was my first time to be at the Horseback Battle Field. Of course it had inconvenience smell. It was Free admittance and free seat. So come early to get your seat. 

This horse battle reenactment titled “Unparalleled Hero,” in which Mongol-leader Genghis Khan complete the great undertaking to unite all tribes and establish Great Mongolia Empire via years’ hard warfare based on his firm will and outstanding military talent. In short, it seems, the show is about Genghis Khan forcing the region’s ethnic minorities to succumb to his military might.

It felt like you watching the Chinese movie live. Of course I did not really understand what the narrator saying because all in Mandarin, no subtitle though. The show has many segments. Some of it I categories as normal and not really impressing. I watched some sort of the action before. Seem like acrobatic show. Oh wait, maybe I watch to much Chinese movie? And most of the actors seem like dull face and boring, maybe they doing the same routine every day.  So, do not forget to watch this show when you visiting Splendid China Park in Shenzhen China.

P/S: You can visit Shenzhen when you are visiting Hong Kong!

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