16 February 2014

Water Puppet Show + VLOG

VLOG: Golden Dragon Water Puppet Show, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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This was my second time visiting Ho Chi Minh City or known as Saigon. The first time when I was backpacking with my friend and now I was so glad that I had a chance to backpack with my parents. Backpacking for the second time of course I was so organized and familiar with the city. I want this backpacking as perfect as it can be for both of my parents. I was arrived from Makassar in Sulawesi and my parents joined me in Ho Chi Minh City.

To watch the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Show, actually I already booked this with the tour from "Vietnam Lotus Tour". It was for 8usd per person as they picked us up and bought a ticket show early as the ticket is sold out early. I contacted them early before I arrived in Ho Chi Minh because we arrived at the hotel around 4pm and watch the show around 6.30pm. So it was considered acceptable to book this tour early. I still felt very tired from backpacking from Indonesia.

Eventhough this was my 2nd time here, but this was my first time watching this show. I heard about it in a TripAdvisor. At first I thought this show is just normal puppet show but unexpectedly I really love the show. My parents also love it. As long as they happy it should be OK right? 

The show took about 45 minutes. All the seat were numbered and we got very good seat. During the show, you can recorded the entire show and took photos. The language they using was Vietnamese and we does not really know what they were saying. But you can figured out by their action and some scene were so funny. The show had many short scene, all by the scenes based on the Vietnamese culture and daily activities. The music was live and been played by a few musician.

I really thought that the one who controlled the puppet were beneath the water, but no, all of them are behind the wooden curtain. They are very professional. I was really impressed with the last segment which was the Traditional Dance part. Wow! So nice! My parent really enjoyed the show as this show is really unique and different from our culture and something new to us. 

Outside, they were selling the souvenirs. But I was not really interested though the price also expensive. When we came out from the hall, Miss Khan were waiting for us and we went back straight to out hotel. If you tend to visit this city, put this show in your list. But the ticket early as the ticket sold out very fast.

14 February 2014

Horseback Battle Show + VLOG

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Travel VLOG: Horseback Battle Show, Shenzhen, China
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In Shenzhen, I got a chance to visit one of the main attraction there which is "Splendid China" park. Splendid China Park is like cultural village park plus world famous architecture miniatures. Inside this park, one of their top show is Horseback Battle Show. It was happened at the Horseback Battle field, to tell the truth, this was my first time to be at the Horseback Battle Field. Of course it had inconvenience smell. It was Free admittance and free seat. So come early to get your seat. 

This horse battle reenactment titled “Unparalleled Hero,” in which Mongol-leader Genghis Khan complete the great undertaking to unite all tribes and establish Great Mongolia Empire via years’ hard warfare based on his firm will and outstanding military talent. In short, it seems, the show is about Genghis Khan forcing the region’s ethnic minorities to succumb to his military might.

It felt like you watching the Chinese movie live. Of course I did not really understand what the narrator saying because all in Mandarin, no subtitle though. The show has many segments. Some of it I categories as normal and not really impressing. I watched some sort of the action before. Seem like acrobatic show. Oh wait, maybe I watch to much Chinese movie? And most of the actors seem like dull face and boring, maybe they doing the same routine every day.  So, do not forget to watch this show when you visiting Splendid China Park in Shenzhen China.

P/S: You can visit Shenzhen when you are visiting Hong Kong!

12 February 2014

Snorkeling With Turtle, Gili + VLOG

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Travel VLOG: Snorkeling with Turtle at Gili Island, Lombok, Indonesia
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Before this I only heard from other backpackers I met during my journey about how wonderful the Gili Island is. Now I had been here and I am agreeing with all the stories I heard. It is amazing. For who do not know where is the "heaven" Gili, it is situated at the Lombok, Indonesia. There are 3 famous Gili islands, which are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

I had stayed in Gili Trawangan. I booked early at Gili Hostel which is the most happening place in Gili from 7pm till 12pm, then after that they will continue to Sama-Sama, it is a raggae club with live band.

So, the next day in the morning, I decided to do snorkelling activities around the island. I walked around the island to find good deal for the snorkeling tour. 100,000 rupiah ( approx. RM35 for 3 islands snorkelling tour is a deal and 3hrs activities. The journey start from 10am and will finish up and arrived back around 1pm. For lunch, you can pay for the voucher for 50,000 rupiah and you can choose any 1 main course meal and 1 drinks which are more than what you pay. If you not buying the voucher early, then you need to pay as you order.

All the equipments for the snorkeling had been ready and all in good condition. In the boat, the center of the boat floor is made by glass and you can see what is beneath the sea. Such a good idea. The water of the sea is very crystal clear.

The 1st point we snorkeling just near the Gili Trawangan Island. The 2nd spot is near the Gili Air. The drop us at one point and then you need to swim very far to get back to boat. There was 1 guide will guide the group for chasing the turtle. At first, I think this is very exciting, but after a long time, I was very tired when I realized that the boat is still far and I need to swim more. Horrible and scary. Do not to far away been left from your group. You will not realize how was they were swimming.

The turtle I saw is very big. I was once in emergency mode when the turtle swam toward me seem like he/she want to bite or eat me. It was scary to be honest. Hahaha. Funny! The 3rd spot was near near Gili Meno. Before we went back, we stop at Gili Meno for lunch. I love my lunch! On the way back, the wave is quite strong and all of us quite nervous if consider the weather. The heavy rolling and pitching in the boat and  as if you going to vomit anytime.

So, snorkeling chasing the turtle? yeah, maybe I will do it again. Luckily turtle does not have a teeth.!