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Rueifeng Night Market, Kaohsiung

Last 24/1/2014, I had been to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I can't remember how many times been here. I decided to go to the most famous night market which is Rueifeng Night Market.

Of course in Taiwan, everyone speak Mandarin, and it is so hard to find people who can speak English. Last time here, I remember that I had been to one night market which is very big and a lot of stuffs..

When we told the taxi driver we want to go to the new night market, they brought us to the newest night market in Kaohsiung and the biggest in Taiwan, 2 night markets in one (Jin-Zuan & Kai-Xuan). We not ready for this huge night market yet, so we took another taxi and told again new night market.

I told them "Rueifeng Night Market" as I googled before. It was huge and crowded. A lot of foods and most of the stuff are women. It similar like "DOWNTOWN" in Kuala Lumpur. Because of the winter, most the clothes the sell are sweater.

This video is SHRIMP GRILL stall. The shrimps are fresh from aquarium, then they put it on the stick and grill it. Yummy!. Then, the put some pepper taste like McShaker. So yummy.
This is for your guide. Rueifeng Night Market in Mandarin. I asked someone at the street to write it in Mandarin.

Another food that caught my attention was Cuttlefish Grill. It was very big grill cuttelfish. But I wonder of the sauce made by what, then it was better for me not to eat it.
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