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Boracay Paradise Island + VLOG

"Heaven on earth!". I usually heard this quote from peoples mouth. When I stayed in Boracay Island, and then I know what does this quote really mean.

Boracay Island situated in Philippines. Some people may called in Boracay Paradise which I really agreed. It have been in the Top 10 The Most Beautiful White Beach in The World.

Travel VLOG: Boracay Island, Philippines
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Most of the places I visited were beaches. I really love the blue in colour of the sea and the feel of the white sand on my foot. Boracay Island is always in top my list when I want to explore Philippines. So, this island was my second place I visited in Philippines after I enjoys the big busy metropolitan of Manila which its people never sleep.

To Boracay, I took a flight from Manila using Cebu Pacific Air. I got really cheap price for one way flight. Only RM90. Using the ATR aircraft same like MASWING. 1 hour journey was full of fun. There were games conducted by the crews such as if you can show first the item they want, you will get the prize. Suprisingly, I won for the 3rd round. They ask to show the passport, when I was holding it. I got the mug as the prize.

When we fly through on top of the island, there was an announcement made by the captain to inform us that we can view the island at our windows. Such a beautiful view! Caticlan Airport is very small. When arrived you need to fill up some arrival form for the island and need to pay for the environmental fee for 75 peso and terminal fee for 100 peso. Then you get out from airport, I ride a tricycle to the terminal jetty, only 50 peso for less than 5 minutes. You can walk from the airport to terminal jetty for about 10 minutes. At the terminal jetty, you can queue up to buy your long boat ticket for 25 peso. In the long boat, there are life jackets provided.


Along Boracay white beach, it been divided by 3 station, which are Station 1 till 3. Station 3 is the most popular and expensive and station 1 is far from hot zone and much cheaper. I ride a tricycle to my hostel, Frenz Resort which is situated at Station 3. The life in Boracay is not along the main road like Bali. The life is along the beach.

I stayed in a dorm room. My dorm room was double stories room and I stayed at the ground floor. The room is made by Bamboo. I really love this dorm as many traveler here to share experience and meet new friends.

Every Friday night, my hostel is organizing a dinner gathering. Everyone can join the dinner but you need to fill up some form few days before so they can estimated how many food to be served. After the dinner, then you decide you much you want to give to them in the collection box. Or if you stay there, you can put your amount to pay in your account and pay when you want ti check out as I done.

The hostel I stayed also have their own beachfront with their own chair. I live their beachfront. I relaxed here from I woke up till the sun fall, reading my novel, watching the blue sea and peoples. Most of them thought me as Kabayan (Filipinos).

Suprisingly, I extended my stay here as I really fall in love with this paradise. I met many lovely people from my hostel, and the local around this island. Summer Place is the most popular place at night which provide you a dance floor. I had many sweet experiences with this place. Ahaks! As during my stay, I was the only Malaysian or I can say Asian in the hostel. They used to call me Crazy Malaysian as I always come out with the crazy ideas of activities.

10AM in the morning is the best time to take the photos at the beach. The sea will be the most blueish at this time. Every 10AM in the morning, I will take my spot and lay at the beach front seat watching the sea.

The truth is in here the life is really high cost. From the hostel, till the food. You can walked to Station 1 to find cheap dinner buffet. In here, there were a lot of dinner buffer you can choose from. All the seafoods been served. It just around RM30 per head, eat as many as you want. Don't it sound like paradise to you?

There is nothing much you can do in this island. There are Kite Boarding if you really interested in this sport. But during my visit time, not much of the wind for this sport. You can dive here. Unfortunately I still not taking a divig license. Snorkelling not really popular. You can ride a "Perahu", same called in Malaysia. The perahu in here looks like more to yatch. 500 peso for half hour.

Boracay Island now in my favourite place list. InsyaAllah I will be back to this island for my short vacation in the future as it is too beautiful and breathtaking to resist.
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  1. wow! nice sharing broh! i'll be travelling to borcay in 2 weeks ;)


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