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Bali - Where To Eat? - Bakso Supra Dynasty

To tell the truth, Bakso is never my favourite food. It is my last menu on my mind when I want to order food in restaurant. But, last Bali trip, we suggest to our driver to stop by at one of the local Bakso resturant. On the way to the Bali Botanical garden, he stopped us at here for our breakfast. It is called Bakso Supra Dynasty. What A Name !

One thing you should learn about Bakso in Indonesia, if you do not want some sort of food poisoning or eat some called "rat-flavour", do net ever bought a Bakso at the stall on the street or the hawker cart. Some of the local said the meatball sometimes the mix with 'rat meat' to make the meatball for spongy and long expiry date.

The price was suprisingly cheap. Its around 6000rupih for normal portion. For special, it is only 10,000rupiah. Less than RM3. The meatball are big and many have many types. The amount of noodles is less, not in Malaysia when the noodles is full of the mug and the meatball only 3. It is so delicious. Most of us ordered for the 2 mugs. Hahaha!

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