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House of Sampoerna, Surabaya

On the last day in Surabaya, I decided to visit a very popular tobacco museum. Even though I am not a smokers, but as a traveler/visitor, at least I pay a visit to this famous place.

To go to this place, it's located at the center of the city. I went to here by a Bluebird taxi from my hotel. Once I reached here, there are only 5-6 visitors inside. It's quite late already (around 8pm). The Entrance is free.

House of Sampoerna, the name given. It's represent the brand of cigarette "SAMPOERNA". It's Indonesian most famous cigarette.

The House of Sampoerna is a museum that exhibits from the story of the founder of Sampoerna, Liem Seeng Tee to history of tobacco making. One part of the museum shows the history of how this place was found. It starts from Seeng Tee moving to Indonesia after the death of his wife until how he found the old building of Dutch-supported orphanage. There are displays of Seeng Tee’s old objects such as his bicycle, motorcycle, and equipment and objects related to tobacco.

There is a tobacco plant within the building where 3,500 women are rolling Dji Sam Soe cigarettes. But the time I was there, the factory are closed as it's quite late. You can't took any photos of this area.

There is a cafe next to the this museum, or you can buy some souvenir upstair. If you using a taxi, keeping a BLUEBIRD taxi is quite useful as you need to register your mobile number to the taxi company only once, then every time you called, they already know your details.

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