26 November 2013

Birds Dancing Over Bamboo, Bohol + VLOG

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I love dancing. In high and college, I was in a traditional dance group. And I am from Borneo. This video taken at the Loboc River Cruise pitstop, in Bohol Philippines. I always love bamboo dance. In Sarawak, the bamboo dance is for Melanau Race, in Sabah for Kadazan.

Check this video, and you can watch me dancing.. ahaks!

Bamboo Dance in Loboc River Cruise, Bohol, Philippines VLOG. 
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 Suprisingly, in Bohol, the bamboo dance is like similar. But of course some step are different. This dance here called "Birds Dacing Over Bamboo". Yes, the dancers is dancing like bird flying. I love the choir also. After the show, you can contribute some tips for this group.

Actually, along this river, there are few groups performing as there are 2-3 show station. It is depends on your cruise. Only 1 station per cruise. I love this group.


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