20 November 2013

Makassar - Where To Eat? - Ayam Goreng Sulawesi Ibu Tini

If you plan to visit Makassar City in Sulawesi. Do not forget to visit this restaurant.I know this restaurant from "Trending Now" in Foursquare. So i just using my Google map to walk to this restuarant from my hotel. It's just near the GTC Mall and Plaza Sentral.

Restorant Ayam Goreng Ibu Tini or Aunt Tini Fried Chicken Restaurant, of course the popular menu is Fried Chicken which is very small fried chics. The "sambal" or chili sauce is spicy and delicious. I also tried their satay. So yummy.

The resturant always packed with people, so if you are in a group, book a table early or if you just alone, try to come at none peak time.

The operating time is from 1100 hrs till 1500hrs and open again from 1730 hrs till 2330 hrs.

The desert i ordered is called "Es Pasir".



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