04 December 2011

Day 40 & Where the hell am I now? | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 05

First of all,
Sorry, I am quite busy
With my travelling

Boracay Island, PHILIPPINES, taken this morning!
I am trying to relax
without thinking anything
ready Dan Brown's novel

at the beachfront
of the Boracay Island

Now I am Boracay Island
Its one of the Top 5 World Best White Beach in the World..

Its really beautiful
I want to stay here forever!

Until then!!

Salamat Po from Boracay Island...

And thank you for waiting !

21 November 2011

Hunny Hostel, Jakarta, Indonesia | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 04

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 04 
Hunny Hostel

Hunny Hostel Business Card

 1. In Jakarta, I stayed at Hunny Hostel.

2. I booked for 2 nights for 1 person in 6 beds dormitory room.

3. Because of my delayed flight, I email the hotel staff, she immediately replied my email. She said she will wait for me. I arrived at the hostel around 0135am.

Hunny Hostel Business Card

Character:  85% I love this hostel character. Nice painting around the wall. Exotic Art Painting to be exactly. Topless women drawing. 2-floor hostel. I stayed in the up floor.

Fun: 80% I love the simple living room. You can socialize with other traveler in the living room. Only 1 pc available. Wi-Fi is fast and you can get a Wi-Fi in a room.

Hunny Hostel Business Card

Security: 80% The gate of the hostel always closed. At midnight, it will be locked but you can opened it with the key. They will provide you the key. In the room, there is a locker. So, put your valuable item in the locker.

Location: 75% I am not very sure about the location. Whether I like it or not. It is situated near the Gajah Mada Plaza. To the main road, you need to walk for 7minutes. If at night, the road is very quiet and scary (for me!). Its the only one hostel there. Near to the Gambir Train Station (Well, you still need to ride a taxi, but cheap price). Well, its not situated at the backpacker street (Jalan Jaksa). If you want a calm & quiet, this hostel is suitable for you. But you are female, not suitable if you coming back to hostel late at night.

My review for Hunny Hostel Jakarta at hostelworld.com

Staff: 95%All the staff is very friendly. They helped me a lot during my stay. Thanks for all your advices during my stay! And they speak English very well.

Cleanliness: 95% Very clean indeed. No question.


Facilities: Fast Wifi. You can use Wifi in your room. Hot shower available (But on the other bathroom). Laundry services available, 20k rupiah per load. 1pc for public use near the reception. Watch Tv  at the living room, can watch dvd also. If you are hungry, can buy food at the kitchen (instant mee, and snack). It test your honesty!

Price: I booked it through Hostelworld.com. Per night for 1 bed in dormitory room, cost me 133,333rupiah. Convert it by yourself~

Website: Here is their official website: www.hunnyhostel.com/

14 November 2011

Amazing Safari Trip, Bogor, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 03


Backpacking for 50days| Episode 03
Safari Trip

Video: Amazing Safari Trip Video, sorry, I talked to much!

Introduction of the characters
Myself – I joined the trip after I read it in Couchsurfing Jakarta group. I thought, why not right? Because I had no plan at all while in Jakarta.

Agniez – Very sweet & fun to hang around. The idea of the trip was her idea. She is a cabin crew for Qatar Airways. She is from Poland. And she is Polish Nicole Kidman. I love her laugh.
Rona – At first I thought her name is Britney. But, no. Her name is Rona. People called her Britney because she is look alike Britney Spears. Beautiful and charming girl from Scotland. Also cabin crew from Qatar Airways.
Brian – The guy from Hong Kong. Very cool guy to hang out with. He is a businessman in Hong Kong and got some business job in Jakarta. He is going to stay in Jakarta for 2months I guess. And even though just only a few days in Jakarta, he can speak a little bit of Indonesia. Can’t imagine after 2 months…..
Desi – An amazing women from Jakarta. If not without her help, maybe this trip was not succeed. Thanks a lot to her.
Erna – Women from Jakarta. She helps us a lot along this trip.
Alif – Desi’s son.

Who wants to go to Safari?
At the CS dinner in Jakarta, they had asked everybody who wants to join to the Safari. The cost for the rented van will be divided among the attendees. When I thought that I had no plan for tomorrow, I decided to join the trip. I gave my hostel direction to Desi so they can pick me up in the morning.

Wake up early in the morning
I need to wake up as early as 6.15 am early in the morning. Surprisingly, In Jakarta, 6am looks a little bit 7am in Malaysia. They picked me up at my hostel around 6.45am. In the MPV, there were Agniez, Rona, Erna & the driver. Then, we straight to pick up Brian and Desi.

Where is Bogor?
Bogor is situated 1 hour driving from Jakarta. A little bit cold there because up on the hill. Really nice view along the way to Bogor. In Bogor also, there are Bogor Botanical Garden & Taman Mini Indah. Unfornutely, I do not have much time to visit those places.

Toyota Avanza
Indonesian favourite. I was so surprise when I get out from the vehicles, I saw one whole parking lot, there were straight line of Toyota Avanza. It was very famous in here.

Street touts & they sell anything
Normal view in Indonesia, if your vehicles stop at traffic light or for traffic jam, you can see a lot of seller. You can buy straight from your car. For me if its seller, so that’s ok, not to the begger. I hate begger. Because for me, they should try to find some  work. If you miss your coffee in the morning, you can get one easily, if you are hungry, they were a pizza or instant noodles. If you want the latest news, you can buy the newspaper. Also they sell fruits. Anything you ask.

Sorry, the road closed for a while~

Because of the road to small, they road had their own schedule. They will open for ONE-WAY only for every 2 hours. Luckily, we stucked at the traffic around 30minutes. If you do not to wait , there are alternative road, but you need to pick up a guide (you need to pay) and he will show you the alternatice road.

Alif & his awesome mother
For me, Alif is a very lucky boy because he has an awesome mother. Desi said she will try you give Alif anything of what she’s not getting when she was a child. And also she said, she told Alif that, when Alif already 18years old (legal to travel alone), she will release Alif to travel wherever he want. She told Alif to travel to as much of places.

Nice view and temperature
Because Bogor is situated up in the hill, the temperature is cooler here (if compare to the heat of Jakarta) and the view is so GREEN. Nice!

Standby your carrots
Just before you enter the Safari, along the road, there wil be a lot of stall who sells carrot. So, make sure to buy many carrots for the animal feedings. If you feed the animal, there are chances for the animal coming near to your vehicles. You also can touch the animal, as I did

The entrance & I am Indonesian!

Desi: “Fadli, you don’t talk a word at the entrance, because you look an Indonesian, so you can get cheaper entrance fee”, yeah, I did it. I only need to pay 85,000rp for the entrance. Brian also get the local prices. Badly for Rona & Agniez, they need to pay more, not sure but around 150k rupiah.

Animals just in front of your face!

Now the fun parts begins. Wow! Amazing! (See the videos above). Most of the animals come to our vehicles. The zebra, Illma, and many more. I touched most of the animal. It was scary for the first time because the animals look like they want to eat you. But, if you got basic in science, this section all only for herbivore. Only eat vegetable. Also they staff mentioned that  the animal here quite tame.

The carnivore & dangerous zone

Warning: “Please keep your window shut and keep driving” Scary. This is because of the carnivore in this area. Lion, tiger, cheetah, puma & everything dangerous creatures is here. I can imagine if the card broke down at this area.

Awesome Baby Tiger
After 1hour breathtaking experiences in the car, we parked our car and going to the leisure zone. First stop is a Baby Zoo. Here you can take a picture with Yellow tiger, White Tiger & Orang urang. Cool!! Baby tiger is so cutee… I want to take them home….

We are hungry~
Its time for having lunch now. I was ordering the Indonesia traditional food. It was expensive. Not worth it, not so delicious.

Dolphin Show

We rushed to the dolphin show after lunch. We went there using a tram ride. Need to pay 10000rph for the tram. 3 dolphins involved. Before this, always saw the dolphin shows in the television, but today I watched it live. Dolphin is so clever right!

Reptile Park
I always hate reptile. Because of their look. Scary. In here, there were phython, crocodiles , comodo lizard and etc. Not my favourite.

The Orang Utan
Eventhough in Kuching got Orang Utan rehabilition center, I never get the chance to  go there. So today, I was touching & hugging the orang utan for the first time. It’s a HER. Her name is Wunan. The hair of ourang utan a little bit thick and smell like they hair shapoo. Wunan is so really tame and look alike a baby.

Lets swim at the Water Park
This is the last park. Swimming!. Entrance fee is 20,000rph. And you need to rent a room for changing your cloth. The water park here is kinda small. Cannot compare with Sunway Lagoon. This place is just for the children.

Stucked at the water slide!

I love to slide at the water slide! Unfortunately, I don’t know whats is my mistake. I cannot slide freely. Always stop. Maybe, one of the course is my wear. Too much friction!

Swimming with Crocodile
Crocodile and you only separate by the mirror. So scary because how about if the crocodile escape to the water.!

I bought T-shirt, I bought magnet, I bought key-chain!

That’s the end of amazing trip
Every beginning, got the end right. This trip, I will not forget because there were so much fun and awesome experiences plus with a fun & friendly travelmate. Until then, bye!