14 December 2010

Malacca | Episode 04 | Riverine Coffeehouse

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City »  Riverine Coffeehouse

1.    At last, I went to this restaurant after a few times to visit Malacca.

2.    Riverine Coffeehouse, as its name situated just next to the Malacca River.

3.    If you ride a Malacca River Cruise, of course you will notice this coffeehouse.


Video: A Beautiful view from Riverine Coffehouse at Night
(Duration: 33secs, Music: If We Ever Meet Again by Timberland ft Katy Perry)

4.    I always asking myself, how about the foods and drinks price at this coffeehouse? Is it fair or expensive? This is because of the location very strategic.

5.    For me, the price is reasonable and for the foods, fair and standard price. At Jonker Street, you will find the foods with the same price.

6.    Only the drinks a little bit pricy.  E.g, iced black coffee RM2.70. I will be happy if the taste of the coffee is really WOW me and my expectation for the coffee is taste like Vietnamese Coffee.

7.    I read a lot of blogs and they said the Malacca Black Coffee is one of the best and must drink when you in Malacca. But for me, it is just a taste like your coffee at your home with an over-melted iced. (Which more water taste than a coffee). Really disappointed.

8.    Better bought a Coca-Cola only for RM2.20. More worth it.

9.    Forget about the coffee, I was here to relax myself after a nonstop walk in this UNESCO Heritage City, checking emails and doing some blogging.

10.    As you can see, the view is so beautiful as the winds blew softly at your face.

11.    Outside the coffeehouse, there was no WiFi available, but I managed to get Wifi somewhere else. (Oh, I used to stay some of the guesthouse near the coffeehouse, and I still got the password, lucky me).

12.    What else you want while blogging and enjoying your dinner with this environment.

13.    I ordered Nyonya Laksa for RM4.50. Nyonya Laksa is a signature and famous dish in Malacca. This is my first time ever to taste the Nyonya Laksa.

14.    Nyonya Laksa as described in the menu as Yellow Noodles or Bee Hoon served in thick and spicy coconut milk gravy with prawns, boiled egg, beancurd, cockles, bean sprout and sambal. And I chose Yellow Noddles!

15.    I do not know how to describe the taste. But I think it was delicious, I really like it. But Laksa Sarawak is still the best for me. (and I really don’t like Laksa Penang, I don’t like the taste!). You should try this laksa! No need to be a Nyonya to make this laksa.

Video: I am enjoying my Nyonya Laksa. Nyum! Nyum! Let’s eat
(Duration: 1min, Music: Loca-Loca by Shakira)

16.    For the desert, I ordered Sago Gula Malacca for RM3.20. Sweetness, chillness, milkyness (is that a word?), I really loved it! 

17.    Sago Gula Malacca = Sago + Red Bean + Malacca Sugar + Iced = Yummy!

18.    As for the bill, I ordered 4 items, only RM12.60 (4USD). I am still not happy with the Black coffee price… hurm!

19.    But if you ask me as a backpacker, this coffeehouse is suitable for a low-budget traveler. Not so pricy. (Except for the coffee…. Again?) (I am happy to buy Java Chips Grande Size at Starbucks for RM18++ because it is worth it)….

20.    For you guys out there looking for fresh air environment, less people, relaxing, fair price,  extraordinary view, and romantic, Riverine Coffeehouse is the place.

21.    You should come and try the foods by yourself.

22.    Now, Riverine Coffeehouse had been TRAVELLICIOUS by me…. +wink+

Riverine Coffeehouse blog: http://riverinecoffeehouse.blogspot.com/


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12 December 2010

Fly With Firefly Airlines! | Sabah | Malaysia

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu

1. I had visited Kota Kinabalu a few times. But all the trips are about leisure and work.

2. If Firefly Airlines is giving me the oppurtunity to fly to Kota Kinabalu again, also known as "The Land Below The Wind", what I will do is to fill my trips with different perspective which are VOLUTEERING, NATURE & CULTURAL .

3. I don't mind what kind of aircraft the Firefly will use. But I heard its new model of Boeing. So, as long as they giving me tickets to fullfill my missions an INDEPENDENT BACKPACKER, I will be very glad.

4. The twist of the trips is: TIGHT BUDGET. I want to show to the people, traveling is not about MONEY. You also can travel with a little amount of money. "EVERYBODY CAN TRAVEL"

5. 5 destinations in Kota Kinabalu that fullfill my mission are:

ONE: (VOLUNTEER & NATURE) Aquarium & Ocean Science Discovery Centre
AquaticaKK offers a Backpacker Volunteer Programme to those who wish to do something useful for the planet, for the environment and learn at the same time. Volunteers learn about and work in some of these areas. Animals in water, Snakes, Reptiles, Insects, Bees, Aquariums, Scuba diving, Fish feeding, Science, Technology, Environment or Conservation. Also, I can help them to communicate information. Here is the link: http://www.aquaticakk.org/aquatica/volunteering.htm .

TWO: (VOLUNTEER & NATURE) Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre
I would love to be part of CARE FOR THE PROJECT by this centre. I can be up close and personal with Borneo's native wildlife. I am proud to say I was born in Borneo Island. Care for animals in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Malaysian Borneo's newest attraction and home to many of Sabah's native and threatened species.  Many species in Borneo are endangered and so the Wildlife Park has a very important role in educating the public in conservation and awareness of environmental issues.  

THREE: (NATURE) Mount Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park
Malaysia Truly Asia. Mount Kinabalu is the 2nd highest mountain in the Southeast Asia. I want to explore and feel the nature offers during my journey. Also, flora & fauna can make us very humble as a human on earth. What else you want when you can get beautiful waterfalls and an amazing hot spring.

FOUR: (NATURE) Taman Tunku Rahman Park
Sabah, famous with their islands. The trip in Kota Kinabalu will not complete if you not visiting this park. Beautiful islands with a fresh air. Here, I can relax and enjoy the most amazing of God creation. Be part of the marine wildlife and get to know them is the best thing to do.

FIVE: (CULTURAL) Monsopiad Cultural Village
Here is the twist to this visit, I am looking for the homestay inside this cultural village. I want to learn the Magunatip dance, and maybe I can be part of the performer. If not, other dance should be OK. I want to learn about their culture, because I am from Sarawak, Sabah & Sarawak are like siblings and need each other. Some of the culture maybe similar and I want to learn all that so I can be a better Borneoman. And I can represent my lovely BORNEO to the world during my traveling round the world.

Me in one of the Sabah etnic's costume. Before I performed the Magunatip Dance back in Kuala Lumpur.

6. Actually, I will not waste the ticket only to visit Kota Kinabalu, there are lot of interesting places to visit in SABAH.

7. In my plan, I will travel throughout SABAH, start from Kota Kinabalu until the south of Sabah only using public transport such as bus. Maybe my journey will take about a month to complete.

8. As long as I can view different perspective as an independent backpacker, it should be amazing. And also this journey I hope I can improve myself to become a better person in the future. Because traveling will opened your eyes and will teach you a lot of lessons!

9. Here is my route plan:

Click the image to enlarge

10. Hope I win the flight ticket. Cross finger. Do visit http://www.feeqsays.com/2010/12/fly-with-firefly-airlines-airline.html for more info. :)

11 December 2010

Malacca | Episode 03 | Malacca River Cruise

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City » Malacca River Cruise

Photo: A view from the bridge (between Red Buildings & Jonker Street)

    If you had a chance to visit Malacca, do not forget to ride the Malacca River Cruise.

2.    I had been to Malacca a few times (5-6 times) but I never thought the ride is so exciting and promising. I always think it will be a very boring ride. (Like Tambang in Kuching)

3.    On my last trip to Malacca, I had set my mind to experience myself the cruise. I always wonder why the cruise always full with passengers.

4.    Every cruise you saw when you at the top of the bridge (a bridge connected Red Building & Jonker Street), with full of passengers with a very Happy and excited face.

Video: From the malacca bridge. Hear the video carefully, you can heard the sound of birds which comes to their nest. (Duration: 16sec)

 Photo: You can choose which package you interested. But I suggest a normal river cruise is acceptable for the first timer and budget traveler.

5.    The Malacca River Cruise start from 9AM till 11PM.

6.    TIPS: But I am suggesting you to ride the cruise at the late of evening. Ride it around 6.40PM-7.00PM. Why? Because during the this, from day changing to night. So you can have 2 types of photos. 1 from a day scene and one more from a night scene. (Not too dark night). Beautiful and breathtaking scenery..

Photo: A ticket counter at the Muara Jetty

7.    Only RM10 for adult. Cheap and worth it. I wonder why my previous trip I did not even think to ride this cruise… hurm…..

Photo: Adult ticket. RM10 (Around 3.3USD)

8.    The ride took about around 40 minutes.

9.    Go to Muara Jetty to ride the cruise (Start from here and will end here) 2-ways.

10.    Where is Muara Jetty? From Red Building, you walk toward the Ships Museum (Replica of Flo de la Mar). On your way, you will pass the Quay Seafood. Then just about 40meters from the restaurant, just find the River Cruise sign. (Between the restaurant & the Museum).

11.    TIPS: Be the first to come down to the boat. And pick the last seat (At the back). Easy to snap a photo.

12.    TIPS: Like I said just now, pick the last seat at the back. And sit on the RIGHT (If facing the river, or LEFT if you facing the drivers). Why? I will elaborate later.

13.    TIPS: Do not pick the center seat! Unless you afraid with water.

 Photo: Inside the boat. Remember to pick a last seat on the right (facing the river) or on the left (facing the boat driver). And do not pick a seat at the center!

14.    You will start at Muara Jetty until Taman Rempah Jetty (40minutes).

15.    If you got lucky, you will get the boat driver who can give you a tour explanation during your way. Mostly the women driver always excited to give their on explanation.

16.    But, if not, Muara Jetty to Taman Rempah Jetty, the boat driver will play some music.

17.    But once the cruise arrived at Taman Rempah Jetty, on the way back, the will play the tour tape documentary. (Only voice, In Malay and also English)

 Photo: Me! Feel like I was in Venice!

18.    The explanation of what you passing by. (Most of them are on the right of the boat during on the way back) That is way I ask you to seat down at the right of the boat.

Video: Me start my journey on the Malacca River Cruise. Yay! Slurppp... Fresh air. (4 videos in 1, Duration: 1mins 46secs, Music: Half In Love With Elizabeth by Mystery Jets)

19.    Because it is late evening, your way to Taman Rempah Jetty, still bright, but when you almost reached the Jetty and on your way back, it’s a night! And a beautiful view. Watch my videos to get an idea.

 Photo: A day view, along the Malacca River. But the light had been switched on

Photo: A night view!

Video: On the way back. A changes between a day to night. Beautiful scenery! (4 videos in 1, Duration: 2mins 01secs, Music: Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan)

20.    So, this ride was so exciting and fun. It is just not a ride, but along the ride, there were a history tells!

21.    So, just enjoy your right. Relax your mind. And take a fresh air and enjoy view of Malacca River.

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10 December 2010

Malacca | Episode 02 | Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City » Jalan Jalan Guesthouse    

 1.    In my last trip to the most historic places in Malaysia, Malacca City, I stayed at Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse.

2.    Situated at Jalan Tukang Besi, only next to the Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat).

3.    Very good spot!! Near with everything you need.

4.    I stayed in the dormitory for 2 nights.

5.    Only RM18 per night for dorm (1 bed).

6.    One dormitory room got 6 beds. So you will mix up with other travelers but most of them are foreigners. (Male & Female mix)

7.    Highly recommended by me if you want to explore the city!

8.    Very nice and calm guesthouse.

9.    And the staffs are friendly. Yeah!

10.    I booked through the Hostelworld.com because this guesthouse is one of the high rated. Oh, I got premium account from Hostelworld, so they dont charged me any service charge...

11.    Not really recommended for those not use to stay in the dormitory. Maybe you can get a private room. Still cheaper if compare to hotel.

12.    Got 2 bathrooms. Only 1 bathroom with the hot shower.

13.    Free drinks (Coffee/Tea). Anytime you want. Also, you can mingle around with other traveler as exchange the traveling experience and some tips..

14.    Got PC for you if you want to use the internet. And also free WiFi.

15.    The room got Fan & Air-Cond. Quite cool! Nice!

16.    Also got bicycle rental. RM5 !

17.    The entrance door you need to enter security code. So its quite secured.

18.    You also got your own room key and your own locker key.

19.    Here is the their website: www.jalanjalanguesthouse.com

20.    Enjoy your stay!

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09 December 2010

Malacca | Episode 01 | Weekend Trip Summary

Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City

Date: 03.12.2010 (Friday) – 05.12.2010 (Sunday)

Day 1 | 03.12.2010 | Friday

1430     - Start my journey from Kuala Sg Baru to Masjid Tanah by private car service.
1530      - Arrived Masjid Tanah Bus Terminal. Took bus to Malacca Sentral.
1630     - Arrived Malacca Sentral. Took town bus (No.17) to Red Building area.
1700     - Arrived Red Building area. Took some photos.
1730     - Searching for my guesthouse, a little bit lost.
1800     - Finally, found my guesthouse. Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse. Checked-in and settle down. Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse situated at the Jalan Tukang Besi just next to the Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street). Will make the entry about this guesthouse later.
1830    - To ride the Malacca River Cruise at Muara Jetty
2000    - Had my dinner at Riverine Coffeehouse just next to the Malacca River. Relaxing and blogging.
2200    - Jonker Street. (So many foods I ate!)
0000    - GSC Dataran Pahlawan to watch Narnia 3D. I do not like the movie!
0300    - Came back to the guesthouse and get some sleep.

Video: You will be welcoming with this musician once you get out from the bus. (Duration: 16secs)

Day 2 | 04.12.2010 | Saturday

0900     - Wake up!
1000    - Just relax at the guesthouse lobby area because it was raining outside. Blogging time!
1200     - Nyonya Cendol at Famosa Famous Nyona Cendol. At Jonker Street. The red restaurant also known as Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant.
1230     - Having my lunch at Jonker 88. Ordered Nyonya Seafood Laksa & Baba Cendol (Cendol again!)
1300    - To the Stadthuys. Visited 5 Museums for RM5. I missed the guide tour.
1500    - To the Mahkota Parade. A little bit shopping and watched the beauty and make-up competition at the lobby.
1600    - To A Famosa & The Ruins of St Paul Church.
1715    - Riding a Beca (Trishaw to Samudera Museum – Replica of Flo De La Mar). RM10.
1730     - Visited Replica of Flo De La Mar, Maritime Museum and TLDM Museum for RM3.
1900     - Jonker Street again. Having my dinner at the food stall. And buy some souveniers.
2100    - Back to my guesthouse. Relaxing and blogging
2200    - Going out again. Just chill out and have a drink at Geographer CafĂ© at Jonker Street. Enjoy the nightlife.
2330    - I slept early. Too tired!

Day 3 | 05.12.2010 | Sunday

0900    - Wake up! Having my coffee at the lobby and checking my email
1000    - To the Baba & Nyonya Museum. RM8 per entry with guided tour.
1100    - Had my brunch at the Clock Tower Mamak Stall. Cendol Pulut & Nasi Lemak. Yeah!
1200    - Checked-out the guesthouse.
1230    - Wait for the bus to the Malacca Sentral at the Red Buildings
1330    - Arrived Malacca Sentral and having my lunch at Mc Donalds.
1400    - Took the bus to the Masjid Tanah.
1500    - Arrived Masjid Tanah and took the bus to the Kuala Sg Baru.
1600    - Arrived Kuala Sg Baru! And took a deep sleep!

Video: Red Buildings scenery in Malacca. ( 2 videos in 1, Duration: 32secs, Music: Glee OST - Over The Rainbow)

I will post every journey with a single entry! 10 entry post about Malacca ready to published...hahaha ..Stay tune!

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08 December 2010

Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 06 | Survival Tips

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City

Overall, Ho Chi Minh City is very busy town and full of history. If I want to fill my journey with a war history, Vietnam is on the top of the list. The history make us better from day to day. So sad I need to leave Vietnam after 4days and 3nights in the city and continue to my next destination, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Here are the tips for you guys based on my own previous experince if you planning to visit this city. (Oh, nice spot for shopping too)!

1.    All the taxis in the Ho Chi Minh City have their own meter. Make sure they use they meter, if they haggle the price, ignore the taxi and try to find another. But what worries me about taxi is the “Jet Meter!” (A price meter increase so fast!)

2.    If you want to travel by local TOWN bus (most of the town bus driver not really speaks English), ask your hotel reception (or any local who can speak English) to write your place you want to go in the piece of paper in Vietnam. So you can just show the paper to the driver.

3.    Not only for the driver, just write any place in the paper in Vietnam language so if you tend to go to the wrong way, just show the paper to people around the town. In my experienced, even though the Reunification Palace is a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City, but when I ask around the local, they do not know what the hell is that! Seem does not exist at all. Maybe they call with different name. Exception for  educated Vietnamese.

4.    Careful with the road and when you want to cross the road. The traffic is crazy. But even in the crazy traffic, actually when you cross the road with your eye closed, you will survive! Do not forget to sing a song "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

5.    If you are adventurous enough, to ride your own motocycle. Just be careful!. Motorcycles accident is very common thing. As my experienced, I saw 2 motorcycle accidents in front of my eyes! Then they hitter just go away like nothing happen. As for my travel partner, Udin, he was involved in motorcycle accident! Hit and run. Nobody care!

6.    If you to buy the anything, please haggle the price. And do not forget to survey the price first, then after that you can start buy things.

7.    I do not know about the pickpockets, but just beware!.

8.    At night, when you walked along the Pham Ngu Lao Street, (Only for boys/mans), the motorcyclist will approached you. They are lookalike very beautiful girls. Beware, they are ladyboys. Do not get confused. Just remember, to say NO. Because along the walk (after 10pm), a lot, a lot, a lot of ladyboys with their motocycle will come to approach you. They will try to follow you.

9.    Along the walk also, they were guys using the bicycle and holding like bamboo stick. A lot of them. I do not know about them, but they look at you like something weird. I think they are offering massages. But I am little curious with their activities. But why only guys with their bicycle? I wonder…  Anyway just ignore then.  I am not brave enough to figure it out.

10.    Different bus company different price. Even though in the same bus, you will get different price. So, survey the bus tickets or tours before you buy. If you going to Cambodia, I suggest you to choose Sorya Transportation. They were much cheaper. (Cambodian company). If you got your Cambodian friend in Vietnam, just ask them to buy the ticket for you. Much cheaper!

That’s all! Enjoy in Vietnam! I miss Saigon!

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06 December 2010

Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 05 | Saigon Street Aerobic

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City » Saigon Street

1.    If you lucky to stay in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on the weekend, you will encounter the other side of Saigon.

2.    The art and healthy side of Saigon!.

3.    On the weekend, at night especially, at the park in front of Pham Ngu Lao street, you can see a lot of people doing interesting activities.

4.    Such as a dance classes. You will find a lot of dance classes have been conducted such as modern dance, ballroom dance and so on.

5.    I do not know whether the people attend the class need to pay or not. I forgot to ask the local.

6.    Seem like every dance classes challenge each other with loud music. Like a “Who’s the loudest dance music”.

7.    Of course it is involving Radio with it own Subwoofer system!

8.    If I got a chance, I would really take part in the dance class. Maybe for once. At least you try right.

9.    On the weekend also, be careful   because a lot of teenagers will be hang out at the park. I used to call it “Teenagers World Day” (I used to call this day back at home when the teenagers from the downside area of Kuching coming to hang out in Kuching especially on Sunday). A lot, do not say I did not warn you.

10.    For the dance classes, I forgot to take photos.

11.    Not all the dance classes at the park, there also an Aerobic class. A lot of participants. The music was loud and exciting!

12.    But no rough move. More relaxing movement and seem fun!

13.    No man. Only ladies. I think so.

14.    I used to called it “Saigon Aerobic”!. Its more like “Poco-Poco” exercise but this version more to Saigon.

15.    Here is the video of the Saigon Aerobic. Enjoy!.

16.    p/s: I wish I could take part in this aerobic!


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04 December 2010

Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 04 | Reunification Palace

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City » Reunification Palace

1. My next entry for my previous Ho Chi Minh City journey is about REUNIFICATION PALACE.

2. I love to pronounce "Reunification" as fast as you could. Lets try .. pronounce it fast, 1-2-3 Reunifcation!

3. Reunifcation Palace also known as Independence Palace and as a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City.

4. TIPS: One of the places that you must took the photos if you are going to this city. Remember, "A MUST!"

5. The palace will open early as 7.30am, and will closed for lunch and will be back again at 1300 until 1600.

6. How about the entrace fee? Of course, like i said there are nothing FREE in this world. Even you enter the toilet you need to pay a little money. Only 15,000 Dong! around 1USD only. So, quite cheap. If you can buy Louis Vuitton handbag or shoes and why don't you spend your little money to enter the palace right?

7. Just next to the war museum, not very far. You can walk. No need to ride a motcycle. Or if you rent a bicycle, it will be another case. But, I warn you, the traffic in HCMC quite hectic.

8: TIPS: If you turn up to arrive there at 1200PM, (the palace closed for LUNCH), do not worry, just hang out at the PARK opposite of the palace. Nice green park!. You can buy and drink fresh coconut juice there! Yummy! (Imagine, hot temperature and you enjoying you cold coconut juice, Heaven!)

9. TIPS: When you arrive at  palace, the first thing you need to do is took the photo with the palace and the fountain in it.... Remember, the building + fountain. Not fountain only or building only. Hahaha! Why?, I do not know.!

 10. You will realize you will encounter poster of this man everywhere. And you wonder why? Who is he... Actually, I can't recall his name. And I do not to google it. But as far as I know, like we, Malaysian got Tunku Abdul Rahman as a Father of Indepence, and also the guy in the poster.

11. The the palace was like you had been send to the 60's. Outside before you enter is 2010 but one your foot enter the building, wow it turn out you in the 1960. Time machine, but this machine bring you to the past not in the future.

12. After you enter the 60's era, you will get very hot temperature. No air-conditioning in the palace. But it is logical that in 60's there were no air-condditiong machine. Hurm...

13. Along the alleyway, you can read a lot of history and got many old books. But the old books you can't take the photo!

14. I love the painting, maybe she was the first lady!

15. A little bit shocked, in the 60's palace there also got a movie theather! Maybe there are watching "3 stooges"! Hurm..... Cool! Cool! I want my movie theater too!

 16. Gambling was quite important back there. So they got the own gambling room.

 17. TIPS: Do not be lazy, go to the rooftop and enjoy the view of HCMC. Quite beautiful up there.

18. Just do not forget the back view!

19. I love the room decoration. I want that painting!

20. I guess the bongsai quite famous with rich people. Yeah. That plant quite expensive only some people can affford to buy it.

21. This is the map room. I guess here the make the strategy for war.

22. The president car! It is MERCEDES!

23. We encounter the mystery alleyway which got sign "NO ENTRY". Look like the alleyway got tragic memory. Can you guess what is at the end of the alleyway? The Prison? Maybe a rat route for emergency? Hurm.... I wonder.. 

24. Outside the palace, there got 2 tanks. These two tanks in the palace grounds were used to break through the gates of the palace by the North Vietnamese Army on April 30th 1975 which then lead to the fall of the South and the end of the Vietnamese War. Tank 843 is a Russian made T54 tank while tank 390 is a Chinese made T59 tank.

 25. Nice dinner room!

26. Of course they got helicopter landing station for emergency.

27. I love this room decoration.

28. Can you see the pagoda at the top? It is quite small.... Beautiful!

29. Reception room. For the international affair.

30. Its look like my ship kitchen. In 60's the technology had been evolved.

 31. The radio room for the communication during the war.

32. The telex room. To send and received a telegram.

MY other TIPS for visiting Reunification Palace:

a. If you interested in history. Buy a guide book at the entrance ticket counter. If not, that should be OK!

b. Inside the palace quite in the hot temperature. So make sure you use suitable shirt. DO NOT USE SWEATER.

c. You know its quite hot. Why dont you try to enter early in the morning. More cooler.

g. Do not bring your food.

h. Do not enter any place which you not allowed too.

i. No pets allowed. Are you travelling with your pet?

j. Try to discover the palace as deep as you could.

k. Do not touch anything if you think its valuable. Nice to see nice to hold, once break, consider sold.

l. I do not wether there got toilet or not?. So make your private business before you decide to enter the palace.

m. In the palace, there are beds, example in the war room, the bed for president. DO NOT TRY TO SLEEP! Because nobody will wake you up.

n. Also, no WIFI in the palace!... so take note.

g. Just enjoy the history and try to learn about it OK!