13 March 2012

Ramayana Ballet, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 10

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 10
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Ramaya Ballet Performance
Balai Seni & Budaya, Puriwisata

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Ramayana Ballet Performance, Puriwisata, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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mytravellicious with the Ramayana Ballet dancers after the show
I went to Balai Seni Puriwasata by a trishaw ride after an advice from my trishaw driver. Actually, I just arrived in my hotel around 5pm then around 7pm, I started to explore Yogyakarta and I was visited this amazing place. For your information, you also can watch the Ramayana Ballet at the Prambanan temple, big stage or you can just watch the the town area, which is at the Balai Seni Budaya, Puriwisata.

Yogyakarta Tourism Map, A Pamphlet I took while in Yogyakarta

The foods for the dinner buffet
Dinner + Performance Show
At the entrance, they will asked you whether you want to watch the show only or having a buffet style dinner. I asked them that I want to have take a look at the food they served. There a variety of food, and most of it is a Yogyakarta signature dish. So, I decided to have a dinner at there.

The Gamelan group & the old lady with high pitch voice for the music of the show
Entrance cost
Dinner buffet will cost you 13usd and the Ramayana Ballet show will cost you 17usd. If you choose to have both, cost 30usd. Quiet expensive but I think it is worth it. In here, I can taste a lot of food, especially GUDEG, a traditional food of Yogyakarta. You can check out Puriwisata Jogja for the tickets promotion.

Ramayana Ballet, the suspend scene

The entrance ticket

The dinner will start from 7pm till 8pm Only 1 hour. And the performance will start after that from 8pm till 9.30pm, it is 1.5hours show.

The Love Story
Who doesn't know the Ramayana Legendary stories? So, here is the synopsis of the performance. Actually, the performance is more to Dance-Drama, there's a story plot but by a dance movement. No dialogue.

Ramayana Ballet Synopsis, A Pamphlet I took during the show

Bad Character, the monkeys
Live Music
Along the performance, they will using a live music. Much more of Gamelan music. And the singer is an old lady with the high pitch of voice. Scary~ :)

Scary face
Open Theatre
The performance will take place at Open Theatre with a free seating. Make sure you come early to take a better view of seat. There are also toilets at the theatre.

Cupid of love?
Opening of the Show
Suprisingly, theres an opening ritual ceremony before the show! Wooot woot! Scary. The old-man-aka-shaman will bring his "Kemenyan" at very point of the stage..... hurmm... goosebump?

Presenting to you, all the dancers

Enjoy the show!
So, let sit calmly and ejoy the show and the storyline!

Ramayana Pamphlet I took for the reference in the future

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11 March 2012

Students Demonstration, Jakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 09


Backpacking for 50days| Episode 09
Students Demonstration

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Students Demonstration in front of MONAS entrance, Jakarta, Indonesia
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They are preparing the flags with the bamboo poles....

ES Doger, good for their business. Nice marketing.

What is that sound?
When I visited National Monument, MONAS in Jakarta, I heard someone yelling giving a speech somewhere the the area. At first, I was ignored the sound, but it was continuously until I wanted to figure it out. What I found was something I was never experienced before.

Preparing the banner.

The banner for the demonstration

Just arrived at MONAS and what are they doing?
When I arrived in MONAS, I saw a group of people getting ready with the flag and with the bamboo pole. At first, I thought they want to decorate the area, at the entrance gate of MONAS. But after I saw the banner, I know they up to something, they were preparing to start a demonstration. The first group I saw was using the blue jacket. I took the photos then I continued my journey to explore the MONAS.

A lot of police truck a long the road to the North Entrance Gates of MONAS

Follow the sound.....
After I finished visiting MONAS, I tried to follow the noisy sound of the people giving a speech. The sound lead me to the path of the North Entrance of MONAS, full with police's transportation. I was scared at first, should I walked to that way? I should investigate whats going on out there!

Bus also been decorated with the protest banner.

Full of peoples...
At the end of the entrance, I can saw a lot of peoples. When I walked into the crowd, now I know what is going on. There was a demonstration. The demonstration was done my the university students in Jakarta. They did not agree with the government of SBY Boediono, the Vice President of Indonesia. They want Boediono to quit his rank because he did not doing his job very well. After 2++ years he got his job, there were nothing changed.

The demonstration beginss.....

In the middle of polices....

My first experience in the middle of demonstration
Wow.... this is what backpacking all about. To experience what I never experienced before. When I was a student, I never involved in the the university's politics. Never involved in demonstration. I just concentrate with my study. Now, I am in the middle of a big demonstration, where a hundred of police on standby. There were reporters everywhere. So, I took this chance to took some photos and videos.

The paper doll with the face of Boediono, I wonder why there is "PETAI" at the doll?

Spray banner

Different of university
This demonstation involved a few of university in Jakarta. They were differentiate with their jacket colour. There were green, red, blue and etc. The start point of demonstration also different. And they will meet at the main point which is at the North Gate of MONAS. When I asked my friend, why at this gate? That is because, the government office building is situated along the road of the North Entrance Gate.

This is the pamphlet they are giving to the public during the demonstration. I took it and keep it for the memories..... :)

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09 March 2012

Cars Free Day, Jakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 08

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 08
Cars Free Day

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Cars Free Day, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Aku di tengah-tengah jalan raya yang selalunya sesak. Tapi pada Hari Bebas Kereta, anda boleh berbasikal di jalan ini, malah berbaring sekali.

Hello hello hello......

Aku masih lagi ingin menceritakan perjalanan aku di sekitar bandar "macet" Jakarta, Indonesia.

Entri kali ini adalah tentang Cars Free Day, ataupun ditranslatekan "Hari Bebas Kereta".

Aktiviti berbasikal adalah aktiviti pilihan utama semasa Cars Free Day

Actually, aku memang pun tidak tahu menahu tentang event ini memang wujud di Jakarta. Dah diperkenalkan sejak 2007 ok!.

Nasib baik aku ada kawan dari Couchsurfing Jakarta, Eric, yang mengajak aku untuk ke sini.

"I'll picking u up around 6am"...

wow! so early.....

FYI, this event, start from 6am till 11am.

Ada yang jogging, ada yang berbasikal. Ada jugak yang menggunakan baju yang sama untuk menandakan mereka adalah satu kumpulan. Tambahan pula, a lot of company buat promotion this time.

Will take place start from Senayan traffic circle on Jalan Sudirman, to the "Selamat Datang" Monument at the Hotel Grand Indonesia traffic circle on Jalan Thamrin all the way to north of MONAS at the Central Jakarta.

Memang menarik activiti tau. Diadakan setiap 2 minggu sekali pada hari AHAD.

This is the guy Im talking about. His name is Eric. One of my couchsurfer in Jakarta. Thanks ya Eric for brought me to this event! 

Yang paling bestnya, aktiviti ini memang disokong sepenuhnya oleh penduduk disitu. I was shocked ramai giler orang datang.

Memang salah satu aktiviti famili di hujung minggu.

Most of them cycling. Berbagai-bagai jenis basikal boleh dilihat.

Ini adalah roundabout utama, dekat Hotel Grand Indonesia.

Hotel Grand Indonesia

Ada yang jogging, and ada jugak yang membawa jenis-jenis alat yang lain. Seperti "galah panjang" versi robot.... aiyoo...larikkkkk....

Aku setuju sangat dengan aktiviti ini. Selain promote penduduk exercise di hujung minggu, boleh merapatkan silaturrahim sekeluarga. Dan juga sedikit sebanyak dapat mengurangkan pencemaran udara. Ia adalah seperti Earth hour lah!. Earth hour sekali setahun. Cars free day 2 minggu sekali.

Ada live band jugak time tu.....

Ini adalah salah satu kumpulan basikal, motif nak pamer basikal camtu?

Oleh itu, aku rasa, Malaysia patut jugak memperkenalkan aktiviti ini. Banyak kebaikan nya...... Aku tak dapat bayangkan aku nak bawak ape ek kalo ada Cars Free Day, nak tunggang kuda boleh? ataupun main tarik daun kelapa ke? Aku part yang dudok la....

Ini adalah kumpulan basikal yang lain (Jenis yang berlainan)

Ini old school punya!

Anyway, enjoy my video and photos ok!.......

Its a Cars Free Day in Jakarta!

Inilah yang seakan-akan GALAH PANJANG robot yang aku katakan.... hahahaha!... boleh camtu? benda tu boleh melantun-lantun!

07 March 2012

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 07

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 07
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Borobudur Temple

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Borobudur Brochure which I took at the park
(Click the image for the bigger size)

1. Visiting the largest temple in the world is my main mission for visiting in Yogyakarta.

2. I only had 3 days (1st day: Arrived, 2nd day: Temple tour, 3rd day: Departed using train) in Yogyakarta.

3. One day tour for Borobudur & Prambanan Temple is 70,000 rupiah including the transportion, a minivan, pickup and drop at the front of your hotel. As for me, I took a tour company at the Prawirotaman Rd.

4. The entry fee for Borobudur Temple is 15usd (Around 135k rupiah), which is not including in the tour fee. Buy your own tickets.

5. The journey from the town to Borobudur Temple took about 1 hour.

6. There were 7 of us in the minivan.

7. The van pick me up at 5am sharp in front of my hotel.

8. I stayed at Venezia Homestay at the Tirtodipuran Rd.

9. I had done my 2nd checklist!... my first one was Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia. Next will be Bagan in Myanmar.

Fast Facts:

҉ Largest Buddhist temple in the world
҉ Built between 778 - 850 AD
҉ Located in central Java, Indonesia
҉ Constructed using 57,000 cubic metres of volcanic stone

҉ Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.
҉ This temple was built in central Java, Indonesia and constructed between about AD 778 and 850, under the Sailendra dynasty.

҉ The Borobudur monument combines the symbolic forms of the stupa, the temple mountain, and the mandala. Indian Gupta and post-Gupta art influence the style of Borobudur.
҉ Borobudur has a total of 1460 panels, each 2 meters wide, and had a total number of 504 statues of Buddha..

҉ Borobudur was apparently neglected from about 1000 and overgrown with vegetation.
҉ The temple had undergone restoration from 1905 to 1910, and the last restoration was done in 1973 to 1983.

҉Built with about 2,000,000 cubic feet (57,000 cubic m) of grey volcanic stone.
҉Borobudur encloses a small hill and is shaped like a stepped pyramid.

҉The base and the first five terraces being square and the higher three terraces being circular. The highest centre, 103 feet (31.5 m) above the base consists of a large individual stupa.

҉Each of the terraces represents the individual stages toward perfection in a person's life; the pilgrim's walk takes one around the monument nine times (reflecting the mystic number of nine in Buddhism) before reaching the top.
҉There are four stairways, one on each side, leading up to the top.